Advisor Office Hours

Our advisors are happy to provide open office hours to their assigned students. The office hour is reserved time for students to ask quick questions, have forms signed, discuss policies and procedures of the college and the university, as well as a time to check in with your advisor about and issues or challenges you may be encountering during the semester. You should not use this time for primary advising. Below is a list of topics and questions appropriate for office hours.

  • I need some quick information or advice
  • I need a form signed
    • Independent Study
    • Study Abroad
    • ROTC (completed form)
    • SAP (if you have already met with your advisor)
    • Visiting Student Letter
    • Metroversity
  • I need to add a quick course
  • I’m thinking of adding a minor
  • I need to know about a petition process
  • I need a referral to campus office or other resources

Office hours vary from semester to semester and we recommend you contact our front desk at 502-852-5502 to find out your advisor’s office hours. When you arrive for your advisor’s office hours, please make sure you check in at the front desk. We also recommend emailing your advisor for anything pressing you need answered or if your schedule does not allow you to come in during the advisor’s available office hours.