Petitions and Forms

When students require special consideration or exceptions to standard academic processes, they may submit a petition.  All petitions will be reviewed by the Appeals Committee, which is composed of A&S faculty members. Students will be notified of a decision via email after submitting their first petition. For an appeal of a previous decision, students should expect a longer wait for notification.

If you need assistance filling out one of these forms please come to the A&S Advising office in Gardiner Hall and we will be glad to help you.

NOTE: If prompted to login to use any of the following forms, please use your ULink username and password.

NOTE ABOUT FILLING IN PDF FORMS ELECTRONICALLY: filling out a PDF form in your browser won't allow you to save your entries or add electronic signatures. Form data can be reliably saved if you download the PDF and fill it out with with Acrobat Reader. Download Acrobat Reader.

Admission Exception

Managed by UofL Office of Admissions - if you have completed the admission application process (including submission of application, official transcripts and application fee) and it has been determined that you do not meet the admission criteria, you may be required to submit an admission petition.

Application for Language Credits

Use this form to apply for foreign language credits earned by completion of upper level language course (Example: Placement into and completion of Span 123 would award you 8 hours of language credit for Span 121 and Span 122).

Curriculum Exception

Submit this petition to request an exception (or waiver) for total hours for graduation, hours at the 300+ level and above, GPA, course load limit, residency, readmission from suspension (without sitting out at all), course substitution, and to request academic forgiveness. This petition is also used for requests which do not have a designated form - such as Fresh Start (and other).

Dean's Scholars or Dean's List Application for Part-Time Students

Part-time students may request to be named to the Dean's Scholars or Dean's List if, by combining a series of semesters that are consecutive from the standpoint of the student's enrollment, she or he meets the performance standards specified in the document linked to above.

Fresh Start

Managed by the UofL Office of Admissions, Fresh Start is for students who have deficiencies in their academic record. Using the Fresh Start option, students who have previously attended University of Louisville may request the university to reset their previous cumulative grade point average.

Independent Study, Research or Internship Application

Please download this form to a computer that has Adobe Reader. Once completed, please send on to the instructor of record.

Instructor's Remarks

This form must accompany a student’s petition for a waiver of the deadline to withdraw, to add or register, or to change the grading status (audit, pass/fail, letter-grade) in a course. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain the instructors remarks. If you are not sure of the instructor's name or how to locate the instructor, please contact the department offering the course. Please download the form to your computer and complete with Acrobat Reader. Do not open in your web browser because the fill-able fields won't be saved.

Late Add a Class

Submit this form for each course you wish to add after the registration deadline. NOTE: you must also submit an instructors remarks form for each class you are attempting to late add.

Read more: How do I late add/drop/change a class after the deadline?

Late Withdraw a Class, Change to Audit, or Pass/Fail Past Deadline

Submit this form for each course you wish to withdraw from after the posted withdrawal deadline, or to change grading options (pass/fail or letter-grade). This form is also used to request a late change to audit after the deadline. You may complete this anytime after the deadline to withdraw, but it must be processed before your graduation date. Approval is considered on a case by case basis, and is NOT guaranteed. NOTE: you must also submit an instructors remarks form for each class you are attempting to late add.

Read more: How do I late add/drop/change a class after the deadline?

Re-Enroll Request

Managed by the Office of the Registrar - this form is to be completed by students who were not enrolled during the immediate past semester and who wish to continue in the school and program in which they were last registered.

Repeat a Course

Submit a repeat form if you need to permission to register for a course you have previously repeated.

Managed by the UofL Office of Admissions - students may use this form to appeal a course equivalency decision from a student transfer evaluation.

Submit an Intra University Transfer (IUT) form if you are currently in another unit (Business, Education, Kent, Music, Nursing, Public Health, or Speed) and are seeking admission to A&S, or if ou are currently an A&S student who wants to be admitted to another unit.

Visiting Student Letter

A visiting student letter (VSL) allows you to take a class at another University, and transfer it back to UofL. In order to take a class outside of UofL you must get a visiting student letter before you take the course.

WR Credit Petition

Students may use this form to petition a course for WR credit. Please use this form if you have taken a class through another institution or have taken a class here that you believe should count as a WR course.

Preferred method to submit petitions and E-Mail questions is

Paper forms can be returned to

College of Arts & Sciences
Advising Office
1st floor Gardiner Hall
Louisville, KY 40292

You may also send a FAX: (502) 852-7230.