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Recent Faculty Research

Gast, Melanie Jones.  2018. “’They Give Teachers a Hard Time’: Symbolic Violence and Intersections of Race and Class in Interpretations of Teacher-student Relations."  (Sociological Perspectives)

Aldikacti Marshall, Gul. 2018. Review of Freedom without Permission: Bodies and Space in the Arab Revolutions, edited by Frances Hasso and Zakia Salime. (Gender & Society)

Taniguchi, Hiromi and Gul Aldikacti Marshall. "Trust, Political orientation, and Environmental Behavior." (Environmental Politics)

Gast, Melanie Jones, Dina Okamoto, and Valerie Feldman. ““We Only Speak English Here:” English Dominance in Language Diverse, Immigrant After-School Programs.” (Journal of Adolescent Research)

Gast, Melanie Jones. “Researcher as College Coach: Dilemmas and Possibilities in Fieldwork with Adolescents.” (Sociological Studies of Children and Youth)

Brittany M. Williams, Karen Christopher, and Jennifer Sinski"'Who Doesn't Want to Be This Hot Mom?' Celebrity Mom Profiles and Mothers' Accounts of Their Postpartum Bodies."(Sexualization, Media, & Society)

Melanie J. Gast:  “’You’re Supposed to Help Me’: The Perils of Mass Counseling Norms for Working-Class Black Students."  (Urban Education)

Melanie J.Gast & Dina G. Okamoto: “Moral or civic ties? Deservingness and engagement among undocumented Latinas in non-profit organisations.” (Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies)  

Deborah A.Potter:  “Situated Motives of Lay Participants in Community Collaboratives for Children’s Mental Health.” (Qualitative Health Research)

Rajack-Talley, Theresa A., Siobhan E. Smith, Latrica E. Best, Margaret U. D’Silva, Lindsay J. Della, and Deborah A. Potter:  “Epistemological Inclusiveness in Researching the African-American Community.” (International Journal of Social Science Methodology)

Jennifer B. Sinski, Robert M. Carini and Jonetta D. Weber:  "Putting (Big) Black Dog Syndrome to the Test: Evidence from a Large Metropolitan Shelter."  (Anthrozoös)

Department Spotlight

Our PhD Graduates

Since 2014, the Department of Sociology has graduated twelve students from its PhD in applied sociology:  Maggie Stone (2014) was an assistant professor of sociology at Marshall University through 2017 and is now working at Home of the Innocents. Mike Littrell (2015) is an assistant professor of criminal justice at Kentucky Community and Technical College System and has been working in the Cyber Crimes Unit with the Kentucky Attorney General's Office for several years. Rob Shelby (2016) has served as an instructor at the University of Evansville since 2015 and became an assistant professor of sociology in 2016. Christa Moore (2016) became an assistant professor of sociology at the University or Virginia-Wise campus in Fall, 2017. Cheryl Crane (2016) has been working as a visiting professor of sociology at Franklin College and became an assistant professor in Fall, 2017. Heidi Williams (2017) has been an instructor in sociology at Virginia Tech since Fall, 2017. Jelisa Clark (2017) accepted a position as an instructor at Fayetteville State University for the 17-18 academic year. Brandon McReynolds (2017) works for the Colorado Department of Higher Education and the Colorado Workforce Development Council as a liaison between the two organizations. Kent Pugh (2017) works for the U.S. Census Bureau in Washington, D.C. as a statistician/demographer in the Journey-To-Work/Migration Statistics Branch.  Telesphore Kagaba (2018) works as a full-time lecturer at Jefferson Community and Technical College.  Jennifer Sinski (2018) works as a lecturer at Bellarmine University.  Adam Sizemore (2018) works for the Center for the Center for Environmental Policy and Management at UofL.  Congratulations to all of our doctoral graduates!

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