MA Program

Information about Graduate Studies in the Department of Comparative Humanities

The humanities have shaped our perception of reality, defined our understanding of humanity and built the intellectual and spiritual framework of our civilization. The study of the humanities is an interdisciplinary process that is fundamental to developing a conscious awareness of what it means to be human, to share in a common humanity and to be engaged in lifelong learning.

Humanities includes the departments of classical and modern languages, English, fine arts, music history, philosophy and theatre arts. as well as programs in religious studies and linguistics and serves as an umbrella for collaborative efforts among the disciplines. The Department offers interdisciplinary programs that allow students to combine study of two disciplines or focus on the culture of a particular historical period. These interdisciplinary programs are designed to provide students with a broad grasp of the arts and humanities with special strengths in selected areas. The cultural periods included are ancient, medieval and renaissance, early modem, and modern.


Civic Leadership