Required Courses

The PhD in Nursing consists of at least 40 semester credit hours of coursework beyond a MSN degree or 55 semester credit hours beyond a BSN degree plus dissertation credit hours.

Course NumbersPhD Coursework Required for Both MSN/PhD and BSN/PhD TracksCredit Hours
NURS 700Theoretical Basis of Nursing3
NURS 702Philosophy of Science3
NURS 710Research Methods I:  Qualitative Research Methods3
NURS 711Research Methods II: Quantitative Design3
NURS 712Research Methods III:  Nursing Measurement3
NURS 714Research Methods IV:  Analysis of Existing Data3
NURS 725Leadership and Health Policy for the Nurse Scientist3
NURS 735PhD Seminar I1
NURS 736PhD Seminar II1
NURS 737PhD Seminar III1
NURS 738PhD Seminar IV1
XXXThree Cognates from a different discipline9
XXXTwo graduate level statistics courses6

Total Credit Hours = 40

Additional Coursework Required for BSN/PhD Track

Course NumbersAll BSN students must complete the following 15 semester hours of master's level coursesCredit Hours
NURS 605Theoretical Application for Practice3
NURS 607Foundational Concepts of EBP3
NURS 608 OR NURS 741Healthcare Systems and Economics or


Advanced Pathophysiology

3 or


NURS 652Advanced Statistical Application3
NURS 657Health Promotion & Disease Prevention3

Total Credit Hours = 55

MSN Applicants

Applicants accepted into the MSN-PhD program are strongly advised to have completed a three-credit masters-level statistics course (applied descriptive and inferential statistics) with a grade of B (3.0) or higher within five years before the date of enrollment. Applicants who wish to take a refresher course will be advised of available statistics courses to take in the summer prior to beginning fall PhD coursework in statistics.

Sample Programs of Study

Please contact the Office of Student Services 502-852-1196.