Application Deadline

Application Timeframe: August 15 – November 15 for priority consideration.

Applications in verified status with Nursing CAS will be accepted on a space-available basis through January 10.

Application Process

This page discusses information related to the admission process for the upper division portion of the ABSN degree program. Prerequisite information can be found on the Prerequisites page. It is advisable to contact the advisor for the location you are interested to confirm eligibility to apply prior to completing the Nursing CAS application. 

A holistic review process is used when considering applications for admissions.  The holistic review considers multiple criteria for admissions, such as:  the applicant's professional career goals, academic capabilities, and grade point averages.  All prerequisites must be completed prior to starting the upper division portion of the program. Student applications will be considered for admissions while enrolled in prerequisite coursework.

The University of Louisville School of Nursing participates in the Nursing’s Centralized Application Service (Nursing CAS) online application process. Students interested in applying to an ABSN upper division cohort will utilize this platform. No additional application to the University of Louisville is required. Nursing CAS collects and processes applicant documents and verifies applicant transcripts. Nursing admissions then uses the collected information from Nursing CAS to make an admission decision.

The program location a student selects, Louisville or Owensboro, will determine the location students attend clinical experiences.

You do not need to submit supporting documents to the University of Louisville.

All required items must be submitted, and transcripts verified by Nursing CAS on or before the published deadline. The transcript verification process can take several weeks after receipt of the transcript, so please ensure that all materials are received by Nursing CAS well in advance of the published deadline.

Nursing CAS provides detailed instructions on its website. Review information under the “Prepare to Apply” tab. The system provides you with updates on your progression as you work through the application and allows you to check your status online to track the receipt of your application, transcripts, and essay responses.

Questions on how to upload required documents or questions regarding receipt of transcripts should be directed to NursingCAS and not to the School of Nursing.

Questions regarding admission requirements should be directed to for the Louisville program and for the Owensboro program.

Application Requirements

Submit Items to NursingCAS

  • Official transcripts representing all college coursework must be submitted. A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited school is required. Applications will still be accepted for those who will complete a bachelor’s degree in the fall or spring term prior to beginning the upper division portion of the degree. 
  • Recommend a minimum undergraduate cumulative grade point average of 2.8 on a 4.0 scale and minimum nursing program grade point average of 3.0. The nursing program grade point average is based on the prerequisites for admission.
  • Applicants with 2 or more NURS prefix course failures C- or below; or applicants who were dismissed from another nursing degree program, are not eligible to apply. However, applicants are welcome to submit a petition for consideration to the School of Nursing BSN Academic Affairs Committee. Please contact your location advisor for more information.
  • Applicants who have attended a college or university outside the United States are also required to submit an evaluation of their transcript through World Education Services (WES) or Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE). Please note that transcript evaluations can sometimes take several weeks.
  • Within the CAS application be prepared to answer the following questions:
    • Goal Statement (500 words or less):
      Describe your personal qualities as they pertain to a successful nursing career. Address your perception of the nursing profession and how you came to choose this career. Describe your short- and long-term nursing goals. Include information about previous degree(s) and/or work experience.

    • Leadership Experience (250 words or less):
      Describe your leadership experience and how the experience(s) may translate to successful completion of the nursing program and a career in nursing. Include organization(s) or event(s), leadership role(s), and date(s) of involvement over the last 3 years.

    • Community Engagement (250 words or less):
      Describe your experiences with community engagement, including any volunteerism and work with community organizations. How might these experiences impact your future career as a nurse? Include organization(s) or event(s), role(s), and date(s) of involvement over the last 3 years.

    • Healthcare Experience/Exposure (250 words or less):
      Describe your health care experience and how it will translate to success both in the nursing program and in the nursing profession. Include position(s), organization name(s), and dates of employment/exposure over the last 3 years.

Other Required Items

  • A Certified Background Check  – Please select 2nd Degree Nursing and then IP70bg package code. Cost: $58.00 Castlebranch will send your results to the university. It is recommended to place your order a minimum of 7-10 working days prior to the published deadline. Must be current within 9 months of the April 15th clinical compliance deadline.

*Please note that all nursing students are required to have background checks. As a result, the Kentucky Board of Nursing requires nursing students to report all misdemeanors and felonies to them. Carefully read the guidelines on the Kentucky Board of Nursing website


  • The anticipated tuition and fee cost for the 15-month upper division portion of the degree is based on the most current tuition and fee information available through the UofL Bursar's Office This does not include the cost of books, uniform, or materials.
  • Learn more about payment options.
  • Learn more about Financial Aid and Scholarship options.
  • Complete your FAFSA here.
  • Learn more about local area tuition assistance programs:

Louisville Area

 Owensboro Area


School of Nursing ABSN Costs

Assessment Technologies Institute Testing (ATI)

First-semester payment $425 + applicable tax.

Third-semester payment $425 + applicable tax.

Amounts are subject to change.

Background Check

$59; paid with upper division application

Castlebranch Clinical Compliance Tracker


Cardinal Card (Student ID)

$10 Replacement Costs

Clinical Laboratory Fees; 300 and 400 Level Nursing Courses

$30 per instruction credit; $45 per clinical credit. Assessed at registration.

Drug Screening


Audience Response Software



Visit Campus Health website for individual costs.

Liability Insurance

$30-$45 estimate per year

Major Medical Health Insurance

Approximately $814.00 for summer term and $1617.00 fall/spring term. May waive with proof of major medical insurance coverage.

Name Tags


Nursing Licensure

Approximately $400 for application, state and federal background checks, test center fee, and jurisprudence exam. Additional information can be found here:  LPN and RN Licensure by Examination - Kentucky Board of Nursing .

Nursing Pack

Approximately $83

Parking Permit

Required for UofL campus parking. Costs vary.

Scrub Tops/Pants

$50 per set average


$85-$160 depending on model

Student Health Fee

$52.50 per semester, Campus Health Services



*Please note that all nursing students are required to have background checks. As a result, the Kentucky Board of Nursing requires nursing students to report all misdemeanors and felonies to them. Carefully read the guidelines on the Kentucky Board of Nursing website.