Academic Support Services

 Academic Support Services We Provide:

  • Academic coaching for all students that includes exploration of learning strategies, time management, scheduling, test-taking strategies and more
  • Academic tracking throughout the curriculum for all students to provide support as needed
  • Peer Learning Program (formally known as the Tutoring Program) for high-risk students 
  • Screening of learning differences and disabilities
  • Referral to appropriate resources, such as: psychological testing, counseling, and/or health services as needed
  • Workshops on learning sciences and empirically-supported learning strategies
  • Board Preparation Series that includes workshops, student panels, and group work
  • Library of resources for students to rent (housed within the Office of Student Affairs)
Helpful Resources: 
  • For helpful documents and learning resources (such as: evidence-based learning strategies, Step 1 and Step 2 CK Schedules, clerkship guides, and more), please see RedMed. When logged into RedMed, search for First Year General, Second Year General, and Third Year General (based on your current medical school year). Also, if there are resources you would like to see here, please let me know, and I will make these available for you if possible! 
  • Step 1 Planning & Preparation | Class of 2026 submit your CBSSA PDF report here *Due May 15th or two weeks prior to Step 1 exam 
  • Step 2 Planing & Preparation (COMING SOON)
Scheduling a meeting:

To schedule a meeting with Ashley Triplett contact below via email or phone.

Stop by the office anytime between Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Est. The office observes University of Louisville holidays and closure schedules. 

A Building; Suite 210
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40202

Who we are: 

Ashley Triplett
Learning Skills Specialist
502-852-0755 | | Room 208

Schedule a 1:1 consultation with Ashley 

If this is your first time booking a 1:1 consultation with Ashley, you are required to fill out this form prior to meeting time. Questions regarding this form can be directed towards Ashley Triplett using the contact information above.