“Americans Who Tell The Truth Through Law” artist shares stories of democracy, dissent

Artist Rob Shetterly presents to Central High School students
Artist Rob Shetterly presents to Central High School students and the Louisville Law community.

As part of the partnership between the University of Louisville School of Law and Louisville's Central High School, the law school hosted 95 high school students on October 30, 2018.

The partnership, part of the University of Louisville's Signature Partnership program, aims to promote diversity in the legal profession. Law students teach courses through Central's Law and Government Magnet Program, and the high school students participate in writing competitions and other enrichment activities — including visits to the law school.

The 2018 visit included a presentation by artist Rob Shetterly, whose portrait series "Americans Who Tell the Truth" showcases citizens who address social, environmental and economic issues. For his presentation at Louisville Law, Shetterly highlighted "Americans Who Tell the Truth Through Law."

Americans Who Tell the Truth Through Law
Americans Who Tell the Truth Through Law is on display in the law library.

He chose 12 portraits and shared stories of these individuals whose dissents have been important to America’s democracy:

  • Muhammad Ali
  • Wendell Berry
  • Anne Braden
  • Louis Brandeis
  • Charles Hamilton Houston
  • Barbara Johns
  • Juliana Kelsey
  • John Lewis
  • Bill Moyers
  • Carloz Munoz
  • Alice Paul
  • Bryan Stevenson
  • Dolores Volk/Elizabeth Mumbet Freeman

The generosity of Christy Brown and the Owsley Brown Foundation facilitated the reproduction of the selected portraits for display during the presentation. After the program, the display was moved to the Law Library for display through November 8. These reproductions will be given to appropriate recipients throughout the campus and Louisville community after that.