Hiring a Temporary Employee

Need a Temporary Employee in your Department?

Step 1: RIF Temp Pool

In an effort to make valuable temporary candidates available to departments at the university, Human Resources created a temporary pool of candidates that have recently been affected by a Reduction in Force (RIF) from a position at the University of Louisville. These candidates have university experience and knowledge that can be a great asset to departments in need.  Please remember a position being RIF’d is not related to performance, but instead due to departmental needs and budget.
In the event you receive approval for a temporary position during our current hiring freeze, please begin your search process by contacting your employment coordinator in HR to review any potential candidates in our RIF Temp Pool.  This will be an ongoing and changing pool, so make sure to check back with any future temporary openings as well.

Step 2: Using a Temporary Services Vendor or Hiring a Casual Temporary

If a qualified temporary candidate is not available with the RIF Temp Pool, there are two ways a department can hire a temporary employee at the University of Louisville.  (1) The University has independently contracted with multiple vendors to fill your temporary requests in the categories of Administrative/Clerical, Medical and General Labor.  (2)  Departments can also hire a temporary employee as a casual temporary (T26) through their department on university payroll.

Using a Temporary Services Vendor

Departments will work directly with their temporary employment vendor of choice.  Please also visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have any questions or concerns regarding outsourcing. Please contact your employment representative for temporary service vendor contact information.

Hiring a Casual Temporary

Casual temporary employees are best used if you have someone in mind for a temporary position you need to fill.  A casual temporary is a temporary employee of the University of Louisville and paid through the university payroll.  Casual temporary employees must complete a full new hire packet and I-9 with Payroll.  Departments must also have a casual temporary PCN (T26) for the hire.  Temporary employment is limited to 6 months.