Return to Campus/Remote Work FAQs

Read below for frequently asked questions about return to work or remote work. Have additional questions? Contact the HRBP team at


  • When will the remote work policy and remote work arrangement and equipment agreement be available online?

The remote policy and remote work arrangement and equipment agreement will be available on our website on June 1, 2021.


  • Why are we not able to see the remote work policy until June 1, 2021?

We listened to the campus community and are offering supervisor guidance and training as well as employee training prior to the release of the policy.


  • Who was involved in the development of the remote work policy?

 HR has worked closely with staff senate PED committee, members of staff senate, COSW parent’s committee and others over the last year to create a policy which makes sense in our new world.


  • May an adjusted schedule (late start, 4-day week, etc) be combined with remote work? (i.e., someone works from home 100% for 4 days a week only.)

There is nothing in the policy or campus-wide guidance which suggests this is prohibited.  As outlined in the campus-wide guidance, a strong presence in classrooms and student-service areas must be maintained and the overall operations of our schools, colleges and departments must continue without compromising quality or productivity.


  • Are electronic signatures an acceptable form of signature on the remote work agreements?

Supervisors and department heads will determine if electronic signatures are acceptable.


  • Is there any place on the agreement to indicate the exact work to be performed remotely?

 No. But, you may attach a copy of the job duties to the agreement.


  • During the pandemic, many areas have had to alter our model to provide services remotely rather than in-person, but we are now working towards a return to in-person services this fall. How do we know if our position is a front facing, student servicing position, knowing that many positions and services have adapted to a remote solution over the past year?

During the pandemic some positions were temporarily transitioned to remote work for the health and safety of our campus community.  Although some positions were remote during the pandemic, front facing, student service positions are now required in workplace, based on the needs of our students and/or nature of the work. Specific guidance will be provided by the department’s VP, dean, vice provost, or their designee.


  • Does the agreement have to be reviewed at a regular interval?

It depends on what is expected by the department head and what is agreed up on by the employee and supervisor.


  • What remote work/return to campus resources are provided by the university?

The Employee Success Center is offering support sessions for our employees and is also providing LinkedIn Learning resources on their website. Our EAP provider is offering counseling sessions to employees and our new health vendor, Health Advocate, also has services and resources that will be offered beginning June 1. For specific information visit the HR COVID-19/Return to Campus webpage and follow UL Today.