Compensation and Total Rewards Studies

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The University of Louisville is committed to being a great place to learn, work and invest. That commitment includes fair and equitable compensation for non-clinical faculty and staff and was identified in the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan as being critical to institutional success.

Because of the importance of this strategy, Human Resources will lead a compensation market study for both non-clinical faculty and staff. While these are two separate studies, they will be conducted simultaneously. Once these studies are completed, a Total Rewards study will be conducted to assess the value of pay plus the value of all benefits (i.e., health, retirement, paid time off, etc.) as compared to our peers and the market.

Why conduct a compensation study?

To reach the goal of having fair and equitable compensation, it is necessary to know who we compete with for employees and how their employees are paid. For non-clinical faculty, the study will look at factors including academic discipline/specialty, tenure, status, etc., as compared to faculty at peer and benchmark universities.

For staff, the study will look at jobs at UofL compared to similar jobs at other organizations with which we compete for employees (i.e., we would hire from these companies or lose current employees to these companies). This includes other universities, as well as organizations in the private sector. This will help the university create new market-based pay ranges, streamline job titles, create titling guidelines and define opportunities for career development.

These studies will provide the university with the framework to support the university’s non-clinical faculty and staff pay and rewards as we move forward.

There will be no decreases in pay as a result of this project.

We are now in Phase 3 of the Compensation and total rewards study. During this phase, Segal (the university’s consultant) will work with leadership to define a compensation philosophy for the university. 


Steering Committee

Below are the members of the steering committee that helped organize and launch the compensation study. 

Lori Gonzalez, Interim President

Dan Durbin, Executive Vice President- Finance & Administration

Kevin Gardner, Executive Vice President- Research & Innovation

Angela Curry, General Counsel & Chief of Staff

Gerry Bradley, Interim Provost

Mary Elizabeth Miles, Vice President- Human Resources



A comprehensive compensation study can take 18 – 24 months. This website will be updated as the compensation study progresses to inform employees of the progress. The study will be conducted in multiple phases.

Phase 1:

Two co-chairs have been named by the Strategic Plan Implementation Committee to oversee these studies. The co-chairs are:

      • Kari Aikins, Director of Total Rewards and
      • Krista Wallace-Boaz, Associate Dean, School of Music

In addition, a cross-functional subcommittee of non-clinical faculty and staff has been selected to serve as the voice of the campus community and provide feedback as the studies are progressing. View a list of subcommittee members

Phase 2:

A study of this complexity and magnitude requires the assistance of an outside consultant that brings resources, expertise and comprehensive market data that would otherwise be unavailable to the university. A smaller group of the subcommittee will serve as the RFP committee that will solicit, review, evaluate and select a partner for these studies.

While the RFP is being conducted, the HR department will work with each department and LFOs to collect revised job descriptions.

Phase 3:

Once engaged, the consultant will work with leadership to define a compensation philosophy for the university. This philosophy will serve as the foundation for decisions that determine the results of the study.

In addition, the consultant will work with leadership to define our market(s), or who we compete with for employees. This will be defined separately for non-clinical faculty and staff, since the markets will often be different.

Phase 4:

During this phase, the consultants will take the compensation philosophy and relevant markets, together with the revised job descriptions, and begin the process of market-pricing (or determining the market value) of our jobs. Also during this phase, job titles will be reviewed and streamlined to ensure consistency and accurate role definition and to establish guidelines for future use.

Phase 5:

Once the consultant has reviewed all the information provided to them, they will come back to UofL with market compensation recommendations based on the compensation philosophy and market decisions made by leadership, and the job descriptions provided by supervisors and employees.

Also included in this phase will be a gap analysis that identifies which jobs fall outside of a competitive market range, and which employees fall outside of the competitive market range for their job. Finally, a pay equity analysis will be developed which identifies any equal pay and/or race/gender disparities.

Phase 6:

During this process, a Total Rewards study will be conducted that will benchmark UofL's total rewards (pay, health and retirement benefits, paid time off, tuition remission, etc.) against peers and the market(s) in which we compete for employees. This study will show how UofL rewards employees in total relative to other employers.

Once all studies are completed, our consulting partner will develop options to address identified gaps and present those options to leadership.


W3 Subcommittee Members




Kari Aikins (co-chair)*



Krista Wallace-Boaz (co-chair)*



Michael Cunningham*


   A&S (Communications)

Julia Collins



Jennifer Koch


   Internal Medicine

Natalie Polzer*



J.P. Mohsen



Will Metcalf



Christina Reed



Mimi Bell*



Rhonda Gilliland*


   IT Services

Enid Trucios-Haynes



Celeste Carter*



Clint McCanless



 Cherie Dawson


   Vice Provost

Sandy Russell


   Risk Management

Becky Patterson


   Institutional Research

Cynthia Clemons**


   HSC Finance & Administration

Ian Norris

ACE Fellow

   President Office

*RFP Committee Member

**RFP Committee Member; Not a member of W3 Committee

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