Staff Compensation Study

Staff Compensation Study

In 2021, the University of Louisville embarked on a Staff Compensation Study as part of the Strategic Planning work for the university. This multi-year project is intended to standardize our compensation framework and facilitate career growth. Read more about the study ⤵


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Timeline & Updates


October 2023-January 2024

The below forward-looking timeline is an estimation and may be subject to change:

  • Segal presents proposed pay guidelines to the staff and faculty W3 Advisory Committee.
  • Workday to reflect new system classification titles.


April 2021-September 2023

The following have already taken place as part of the staff compensation project timeline:

  • Collected job descriptions for each position and assigned new system classification/title.
  • Developed compensation philosophy – A compensation philosophy provides the framework for pay objectives and practices.
  • Created peer group for benchmarking.
  • Determined market value of jobs – including reviewing job market matches against peer groups to determine market value; and placing jobs without a benchmark match by referring to internal UofL jobs for match.
  • Developed new staff pay structure and grades.

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Recent Communications

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About the study

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In 2021, Human Resources and Segal, a national firm, were tasked with leading a Total Rewards Study. Total rewards include, but are not limited to monetary compensation, medical, life, dental and vision insurance, 403(b) retirement savings plans, tuition remission, wellness programs, and employee assistance programs.

One core component of the Total Rewards Study was the Staff Compensation Study. The purpose of the Staff Compensation Study was to review UofL’s staff job classification and pay structure, compare these to the market, and update to ensure UofL's staff job classifications represent competitive and equitable pay levels. Once the staff market assessment was complete, a new staff classification and pay structure was created.

While UofL achieved its strategic goal of aligning the university’s staff job classification system with the competitive market, we understand the emotional and personal aspects surrounding this topic and believe it deserves the utmost respect and consideration as we continue our work towards building opportunities for career growth and advancement. We hope you will continue to follow this university-wide initiative and provide meaningful dialogue as we continue to pursue a structure that optimizes our employee rewards programs and acknowledges the hard work and dedication that you bring to your position at the University of Louisville.


The purpose of the Staff Compensation Study is to ensure UofL’s staff positions are market-competitive. The university is using the results of this study to:

  • Establish career ladders that provide opportunities for career growth and advancement
  • Establish a job and pay structure that is aligned

Note: No pay decreases will be enacted due to the compensation project.

Study Goals

  • Develop a market-competitive salary and compensation structure
  • Review and revise job classifications
  • Illustrate new job growth opportunities

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