Facility Assistant (FA)

The Facility Assistant (FA) is a para-professional appointed on a semester basis to work in the residence halls to identify and report facility-related issues and follow-up to maintenance concerns and projects in order to support a living environment that is conducive to student learning and community building. In addition, the position provides support at University Housing's central office as needed. The position operates primarily in the field, walking the residence halls, visiting residences and managing inventory spaces. The FA works collaboratively with the residence hall staff, the Facility Maintenance Coordinator (FMC), and the Assistant Director for Facility Operations (ADFO). The FMC or ADFO are the direct supervisor of the FA staff. Each FA is expected to work, at minimum, 20 hours per week in the position. NO FA may work more than 29 hours in any employment at the University of Louisville. A second position on campus must be approved by the ADFO. FAs must meet conditions of employment to reside on campus for their positional responsibilities. Housing is provided as a condition of employment.

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