National Residence Hall Honorary Cardinal Chapter

What is NRHH?

The National Residence Hall Honorary Cardinal Chapter is one of many NRHH chapters across the United States striving to embody the core values of recognition, leadership, and service on and around campus.

It is a leadership-based honorary comprised of exemplary residential students focused on the recognition of outstanding people and programs on campus, as well as service to the community on and around campus.

The Cardinal Chapter is devoted to developing students living both on and off campus in the skills of recognition, service, and leadership in order to enrich their college experience and to prepare them to be strong leaders in their post-collegiate endeavors. New members will join a standing committee of their choosing that focuses on one of the aforementioned NRHH values.


Leadership: All members are nominated based off their demonstrated leadership characteristics and evident desire to become student leaders. Leadership characteristics and skills are then developed through opportunities for leadership within the organization and through opportunities to network with current student leaders.

Recognition: All members are responsible for writing, voting on, and encouraging the writing of OTM’s (Of The Months) each month, as well as helping to host the annual Housing Banquet. OTM’s are recognition pieces written to recognize an outstanding faculty or staff member, student, or event on campus within the current month. The Housing Banquet is a celebration and recognition of all of the Housing staff’s hard work throughout the year.

Service: All members participate in service events throughout the semester focused on bettering the campus community, as well as the community surrounding campus .

Requirements to be nominated:

¨ Currently enrolled as an undergraduate, graduate, or professional student;

¨ Have lived on campus for at least one semester and currently reside on campus;

¨ Have a 2.9 GPA;

¨ Be in good standing with the University;

¨ Exemplify the values of NRHH.

For more information:

¨ Facebook : NRHH Cardinal Chapter

¨ on OTM’s

¨ on NRHH in general

¨ Please feel free to contact the NRHH Advisor, .