Summer 2024



ENGL 202-01 & 03: Intro to CW; Professor Mozer

ENGL 202-04: Intro to CW; Professor Messer


ENGL 202-50 & 51; Intro to CW; Professor Weinberg

ENGL 300-01: Intro to Literature; Professor Clukey


ENGL 300-02: Intro to Literature; Professor Anderson



ENGL 300-50 & 51: Intro to Literature; TBA


ENGL 301-01 Literature Before 1800; Professor Turner



ENGL 302-01 Literature After 1800; Professor Hadley


ENGL 303-01: Science and Technical Writing; Professor Poole



ENGL 303-50: Science and Technical Writing; TBA

ENGL 305-02: Intermediate CW Wkshp: Fiction; Professor Griner


ENGL 305-03: Intermediate CW Wkshp: Poetry; Professor Adams


ENGL 305-04: Screenwriting; Professor Stansel


ENGL 306-55 & 56: Business Writing; Professor Smith


ENGL 309-01: Inquiries in Writing; Professor Rogers


ENGL 309-02: 21st C Writing & Reading; Professor Kopelson  (CANCELLED)


ENGL 309-03: Writing in the City; Professor Harmeling  (CANCELLED)

ENGL 309-50: Inquiries in Writing; TBA

ENGL 310-02: Intro to Prof. Writing; Professor Schneider

ENGL 310-50: Intro to Prof. Writing; Professor Johnson

ENGL 315-50: Culture, Text, and Media; Professor Mattes


ENGL 325-01 & 02: Intro to Linguistics; Professor Stewart


ENGL 334-50: Shakespeare II (The Strange, The Supernatural, and the Other”); Professor Stanev


ENGL 369-01: Minority Trad American Lits (AHD1); Professor Mozer

ENGL 371-03: Hebrew Bible as Literature; Professor Sherman


ENGL 373-02: Women & Global Literature; AHD2; Professor Rabin

ENGL 373-53: Women & Global Literature; AHD2;Professor White


ENGL 374-50: Gender & Children’s Lit.; AHD1; Professor White


ENGL 375-50: LGBTQ Lit in US-The Not So Distant Past; AHD1; Professor Kopelson




ENGL 402-02/HON 436-02/ HON 446-02, "Medieval Women,"; Dr. Joseph Turner


ENGL 403-03: Advanced CW; Professor Griner  (CANCELLED)


ENGL 405-75: Edit, Publish, Design; Professor Schneider  (CANCELLED)


ENGL 413-01: Magic in the Middle Ages; Professor Rabin



ENGL 416-01: American Modernism; Professor Clukey  (CANCELLED)


ENGL 450-01 & 02: Coop Intern in English; Professor Strickley


ENGL 491-01: Critical and Interpretive Theory; Professor Williams


ENGL 504: Advanced Creative Writing; Professor Maxwell



ENGL 506-51: Teaching of Writing; Professor Horner


ENGL 542-50: Sword & Sorcery-CUE; Professor Stanev


ENGL 551-01: Jewish ID Graphic Novels & Com; Professor Sherman

ENGL 551-50: Writing from Life; Professor Strickley


ENGL 555-01: Coop Internship; Professor Mattes


ENGL 555-02: Coop Intrn: Miracle Monocle; CUE; Professor Strickley

ENGL 564-01: Whitman & Dickinson; CUE; Professor Adams  (CANCELLED)


ENGL 572-01: The Real & Fantastic in US Lit, 1865-1910; CUE; Professor Chandler



ENGL 575-01: African-American Innovation in Literature and Film;CUE; Literature after 1800; Professor Anderson  (CANCELLED)

ENGL 599-01: Literacy as Disruption and Possibility; WR;CUE; Professor Williams