Summer 2018

Summer 2018



1497 ENGL 303-20: SCI and TECH Writing-WR: J. Turner 5/29-7/02/18

The focus of English 303 is recognizing and responding in writing to different rhetorical situations in scientific and technical discourse communities. A student in English 303 should expect to create and revise documents in multiple genres. Each document should establish a clear purpose, sense of audience awareness, and sense of the writer’s presence and position. In this course, we approach writing as a “contact zone”-a point where an individual scientist addresses his/her field, a field as it addresses and works with another community of scholars, and institutions speaking to the public. Mediating between all of these exchanges is a heap (to use the technical term) of communication-reports, articles, grants, conference presentations, general correspondence, articles in popular periodicals, etc. As a young aspiring scholar in STEM fields, learning to navigate these many folds will be crucial for your ability to achieve your goals and work through the challenges facing STEM fields in the near (and far) future.  This course is approved for the Arts and Sciences upper-level requirement in written communication (WR).



2944 ENGL 375-30: LGBTQ Literature-AHD1: K. Maxwell (cross-listed)  7/3-8/7/18

The theme of this section of LGBTQ literature is discovery, self-invention, and self-knowlege. We will be reading and discussing James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room, Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home, TC Tolbert’s Gephyromania, and excerpts from Lidia Yuknavitch’s Chronology of Water, along with watching and discussing recent critically acclaimed films Moonlight and Call Me By Your Name. Because this is a literature class, we will think about how we make our stories (and what stories are made for us, rejected by us, and/or accepted by us, and why). Writing in the course will include frequent Blackboard discussion posts, one presentation, and two short analysis papers (4-6 pages).




1355 ENGL 450-20 Coop Internship in ENGL: K. Chandler (requires permission) 5/29-7/2/18




1356 ENGL 450-30: Coop Internship in ENGL: K. Chandler  (requires permission) 7/3-8/7/18




1770 ENGL 491-10: INT Theory New Crit-Pres: S. Schneider  5/7-5/25/18




2107 ENGL 501-01: Independent Study: (requires permission)  5/29-8/7/18




2145 ENGL 510-30: GRAD Coop Internship MA Level: K. Chandler (requires permission) 7/3-8/7/18




2947 ENGL 522-10: Structure of Modern ENGL: T. Stewart (cross-listed)  5/7-5/25/18