Previous PTL Award Winners

This award recognizes the outstanding teaching of part-time faculty members in the composition program. The award (currently $250) is funded by the English Department; previously, it was sponsored by Gray's Bookstore until the bookstore closed.

To be considered for this award, part-time faculty submit a teaching portfolio at the end of the spring semester. The winners are selected by a committee that includes the previous year’s winner and the assistant directors of the composition program.

Recent Winners:

Walker Smith 2022
Lana Helm 2021
Amy Mansfield & Linda Rogers 2020
Tanya Robertson 2017
Rose Mills 2016
Michelle Day 2015
Laura Detmering 2014
Lauren Dimmer 2013
Rose Mills 2012
Hollye Wright 2011
Sue Ann Compton 2010
Amelia Pegram & Michael Sohan 2009
Shannon J. Dehn 2008
Susan Dawson 2007
Jill Erwin 2006
Mark Parsons & Joanne Webb 2005