Brand Identity & Visual Standards

Guidelines for creating UofL-branded marketing materials and websites


The design elements utilized in our marketing and advertising efforts provide the visual foundation that supports the message. Therefore, the photography, patterns and layout must never dominate the design, but rather play a supporting role. We aim for clarity and simplicity, and discourage over-decoration that is distracting.

Brand Patterns

Below are three brand pattern options that may be used to add versatility and interest. The designs are rooted in history, drawing inspiration from the compass rose on the interior apex of Grawemeyer Hall, as well as the glass pattern on the exterior of the Student Activities Center Clock Tower.

Patterns should always be complementary within a design system, and never the primary focus of printed or digital collateral.

These patterns may be used at a variety of scale, opacity, transparency and color within our brand palette.

Note The preview shown below is shown in CMYK. Red values should be adjusted to our RGB palette when using in digital/on-screen applications.

Examples of brand patterns


Adobe Illustrator swatch files for these patterns are available for download.

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