'Charting Our Course' billion dollar goal announcement

Thursday April 10, 2014, President James R. Ramsey announced to the campus community on the steps of Grawemeyer Hall that the University of Louisville has met and exceeded its one billion dollar capital campaign goal with three months remaining in the effort. The "Charting Our Course" campaign began in 2007, and the donations are funding student scholarships, faculty excellence, research and new facilities.

Four out of five UofL undergraduate students receive scholarships or grants, mostly funded by philanthropy. The school’s groundbreaking research in cancer, stem cells, anti-rejection therapies, spinal injuries and other specialties, as well as upgrading its campus facilities, are in large, funded with gifts from donors.

"Today we didn't strike out. We not only hit a home run, we hit a grand slam home run, " President Ramsey said of the billion dollar goal being exceeded. "Because of this campaign, we are on an amazing trajectory. None of this would have been possible if not for the generous support of so may people for this campaign. "