Student Spotlight: Morgan Cooksey

“I never thought I would go to UofL." That was Morgan Cooksey's, rising senior at UofL, first opinion of the University of Louisville. "My parents both went [to UofL]. I grew up a Cards fan, so I only looked at athletics when is came to the UofL."

Morgan was born and raised here in Louisville, graduating from Louisville Male High School.  The University of Louisville was never on Morgan’s radar when applying to colleges, but when it came time for Morgan to start looking at schools, her parents made sure she took a campus tour.

"I was blown away by all of the green space, residence life, and student involvement opportunities.”

“My campus tour put UofL in a whole new light for me. I saw all of the awesome qualities about it that I now love. I was blown away by all of the green space, residence life, and student involvement opportunities.” Along with her campus tour, Morgan was also impressed with the scholarship opportunities at UofL, which led her to a final decision that she would be a Louisville Cardinal.

“Scholarship opportunities made it possible for me… I didn’t want to be in debt. Staying in Louisville also helped me understand my hometown in a whole new way I love the diverse community."

Morgan’s favorite spot in Louisville is the waterfront.  “I love to run, watch concerts, kayak in the Ohio and enjoy the scenery. Also, if you sneak across the river you can get an amazing view of the skyline at night. Louisville is beautiful!”


After taking the plunge and starting at UofL, Morgan has more than busied herself becoming involved the Louisville’s campus and community in her three short years as a student. Morgan is a Harlan

"Louisville has a small town feel in a big city.”

Scholar, a non-monetary scholarship program that guarantees entrance to UofL’s Brandeis School of Law after undergrad. On top of her academic studies, Morgan has held positions on the Student Activites Board (SAB) including, is currently Services Vice President of the Student Government Association (SGA), a member of Delta Zeta, Student Orientation Leader, and Kentucky Derby Princess 2014!

UofL has been the perfect outlet for Morgan’s has a passion for student involvement.

“Student Activities Board was a great outlet for me to channel into event programming. When you see an event’s success, and students enjoying themselves, it’s an awesome feeling.”

Student Government Association has also allowed Morgan to leave a lasting impact on the University. She has been elected Service Vice President for the upcoming school year.

“I know that what I’m doing now [with SGA] isn’t going to be something I benefit from myself, but to see the results as an alum, and how much how the university will benefit from our work – it makes all of the hard work worth it. It’s why I love doing what I do.”

New Student Orientation has been something Morgan has developed a passion for as well while at UofL, serving as a Student Orientation Staff member.

“Students are always super quiet at the first meeting on the first day [of Orientation], but by the last day, they are leaving so excited to start college. The relationship developed with the new students is so rewarding.”

“I want to say ‘yes’ to everything! I want to cherish all of my time left here as an undergrad."

What’s in store for Morgan’s future? As a rising senior, she wants to take advantage of every opportunity put in front of her. “I want to say ‘yes’ to everything! I want to cherish all of my time left here as an undergrad. If one of my friends wants to go on a random road trip, I’m going.” She is studying to take the LSAT soon and getting ready for Service VP in SGA. “I can’t wait to be a mentor and leave an impact on students.”

Morgan, who is planning on attending to Law school, is interested in the joint graduate program in Law and Education. “It’s where I want to go to get where I need to be,” she said of her future in Law school. “I’m passionate about leadership and students. I know I don’t want to sit behind a desk for the rest of my life. Whether I work in education policy or in the government, I know that what I want out of life, won’t come from sitting behind a desk all day.”

While reluctant to actually graduate, Morgan is excited to see all of the additions and achievements the university will continue to gain in the future.

“Just seeing everything that has happened so far, while I’ve been in school here, is crazy. UofL has a bright future.”