Professors Levinson and Marcosson, Dr. Mackey named 'Faculty Favorites'

The Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning recently named the 2014-15 "Faculty Favorites," which this year includes Brandeis School of Law Professors Ariana Levinson, Sam Marcosson and Dr. Tom Mackey.

Below are the descriptions used in their nominations:

Professor Ariana Levinson

"Professor Levinson is one of the most dedicated professors I have ever met. Very professional and enthusiastic. Her knowledge of the subject is outstanding. Many students look up to her, and each one of us respects her. She has an amazing and very quirky sense of humor which makes learning a dry subject of Evidence more enjoyable. As I understand, Professor Levinson had some serious health issues in the past year or two, but it never affected her dedication to her students--very impressive. Way to go, Professor Levinson!"

Professor Sam Marcosson

"Most engaging professor in law school. Passionate about the subjects he teaches and cares about his students. Spends countless hours giving feedback on writing assignments. Dedicates a great deal of time, effort, and self to coaching an extracurricular moot court team. Hates the passive voice."

Dr. Tom Mackey

"Dr. Mackey is the most dynamic faculty member I have had during my time at the University of Louisville. He is a rare combination of rigorous and compassionate. His standards are completely unwavering, but he would never leave a student behind that wanted to benefit from his class. His interest in his students extends beyond the time he spends in the classroom. Dr. Mackey has a vested interest in student success that is the product of his commitment.  Very concerned about students, dedicated to research and writing. A great representative for UofL."