Open Enrollment for 2017

Open Enrollment 2017

It's time for employees to select benefit choices for the coming year. Open enrollment is your opportunity to add or make changes to your benefits including health, dental, vision, life, flexible spending accounts, and Get Healthy Now. Your benefit open enrollment website will provide you information in helping you choose the best options to meet the needs of you and your family.  

Enroll online for your 2017 benefits between October 17 and October 28, 2016. Open Enrollment closes at 5 p.m. on October 28, 2016.

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Highlights for 2017

Health Plans

  • We are pleased to announce that premiums will remain the same in all health plans for active employees and retirees.
  • The Cardinal Care health plan has been phased out over the last three years and will no longer be a health plan option.  Those currently enrolled in Cardinal Care must choose another health plan option.

 Dental and Vision Plans *NEW PROVIDERS THIS YEAR*

  • The new dental and vision plan rates will be lower in 2017.
  • The new dental provider will be MetLife, offering two plan options - BASIC and a new ENHANCED plan, which includes adult orthodontia. For detailed information, visit the Dental Plan webpage.
  • Current dental plan enrollees will automatically roll over to the BASIC dental plan, unless you elect the ENHANCED plan when selecting your 2017 benefits online.
  • The new vision provider is Davis Vision, with increased allowance towards frames and contacts when selecting from the Davis Vision collection, or using a VisionWorks store location. For detailed information, visit the Vision Plan webpage.

Supplemental Life Insurance

  • There is a slight increase of 15% in supplemental life insurance rates for 2017.  Visit the life insurance webpage for more information.

Action Items

CURRENT CARDINAL CARE MEMBERS:  The Cardinal Care health plan is no longer a health plan option for 2017.  Those currently enrolled in Cardinal Care must choose another health plan option.

FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNTS:  Your 2016 voluntary Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) will not automatically rollover to 2017, you must enroll in a health care of dependent care voluntary plan.

WAIVING HEALTH INSURANCEIf you waive health insurance and want waiver dollars in a dependent care account, you must enroll in a Dependent Care Waiver Flexible Spending Account.  Otherwise you will be automatically be enrolled in a Healthcare Waiver Flexible Spending Account.

GET HEALTHY NOW ($40) PREMIUM INCENTIVE: To enroll in Get Healthy Now and earn a $40 monthly premium incentive, you must complete a new Health Assessment between October 17 - November 17, 2016.

SUPPLEMENTAL LIFE INSURANCE: There is a slight increase of 15% in supplemental life insurance rates for 2017.  Active employees currently enrolled in Supplemental Life, may increase one level of coverage without Statement of Health. You can view these rates as you make your online elections.  Any increase above one level of coverage will require a Statement of Health. Active employees not currently enrolled in Supplemental Life, may elect additional coverage; a Statement of Health will be required. For dependent and spouse life insurance coverage, a Statement of Health will be required regardless of level of coverage.