Prospective Students

Student researcher looks at a monitor with infant subject on screen

Graduate Opportunities

I am not likely going to be accepting applicants in this Fall application cycle for PhD students to begin training with me in 2015-2016 academic year.

If you are interested in applying to work with me, please apply to the Doctoral Program in Experimental Psychology: Cognitive and Developmental Sciences and be sure to list my name, "Dr. Cara Cashon" on your application to the department.

Undergraduate Opportunities

Undergraduate Research (PSYC 401)

Each semester (Spring, Summer, and Fall), we have openings for a number of undergraduate students to be research assistants. Students are expected to come to the lab 10 hours/week for two semesters and will get 3 s.h. of PSYC 401 course credit each semester. As a part of this experience, students will learn about many aspects of conducting research with infants including: recruiting and scheduling participants, testing babies, entering data, running reliabilities, creating stimuli, experimental design, analyzing data, reading articles and literature reviews, and interacting with infants and their families. We look for responsible, hard-working, detail-oriented students who would be good at interacting with the families who participate in research. A 2-semester commitment is a must (2nd semester is contingent on successful performance in the first semester). Research experience looks excellent both on job and graduate school applications.

Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP)

The university offers a 10-week paid program for students who are interested in going to graduate school and gaining some research experience over the summer. I am happy to mentor students who have been accepted into the UofL SROP program.

Honors Thesis (PSYC 405, PSYC 406)

I am available to mentor students for University Honors Senior Thesis or Psychology Honors (PSYC 405 & 406) projects. I enjoy having students work on their Honors' projects in the lab; however, due to the nature of our work, I require that students be in my lab as a PSYC 401 student for at least one semester (two is even better) or as a SROP student before I will consider working with him/her on an Honors project. Thus, if you think you might be interested in having me as your supervisor, please contact me well in advance of your Senior year so that we can get you involved in the lab ahead of time.

Where are they now?

Former undergraduate research assistants and Master's graduate students in my lab have gone on to many places, including:

  • Central Washington University (Ellensburg, WA), Primate Behavior and Ecology, Master's program
  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital - Research position
  • Maryhurst Child Welfare Agency, Louisville, KY
  • Northern Kentucky University, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Master's program
  • Ohio State University, Counselor Education, Master's program
  • Spalding University, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy, Master's program
  • Spalding University, Health Psychology, Psy.D. program
  • Spalding University, Forensic Psychology, Psy.D. program
  • University of Kentucky, Counseling Psychology, Master's program (College of Education)
  • University of Louisville, Kent School of Social Work, Master's program
  • University of Louisville, Mental Health Counseling, M.Ed. program
  • University of Louisville, Sociology, Master's program
  • University of Louisville, Speech-Language Pathology, Master's program
  • University of Louisville, Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. program
  • University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Psychology (Developmental Science), Ph.D. program