Cara Cashon portrait

Cara H. Cashon, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Faculty webpage

Graduate Research Assistants

Kaelin Kinney

My name is Kaelin Kinney. I received my B.A. from the University of Louisville followed by a year of work at Centerstone as a therapeutic aide before starting my graduate career in the Experimental Psychology PhD program here at UofL. My current research interests include infant cognition and developmental disabilities. In my free time I love practicing agility with my dog, cuddling with my cats, hiking, and spending time with my family.

Undergraduate Students

Katherine Whitaker

My name is Katherine Whitaker. I am from Williamsburg, Kentucky, and I am a senior Grawemeyer Scholar and Psychology major with a Philosophy minor. After graduating from UofL, I plan to work towards a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. When I’m not doing homework or working at UofL’s Office of Admissions, I like exploring Louisville, reading mystery novels, and spending time with friends and my cat.

Mallory Thompson

My name is Mallory Thompson and I am from Georgetown, Kentucky. I am currently a senior Psychology major with a minor in Biology. After I graduate from UofL, I plan to either attend Physician Assistant school or get a Ph.D. in Psychology. In my free time I enjoy travelling around the U.S., baking, and hanging out with friends and family!

Jeraan Fernando

My name is Jeraan Fernando. I am from Union, KY and I am a current senior at the University of Louisville. I am studying Mathematics, Neuroscience, and Biology and I have had some past research experience in some biology projects. My plan is to do an MBA after graduating. Then I will decide on what program I will do (either medical school or another graduate program). I enjoy watching the NBA and reading adventure stories.

Olivia Richards

My name is Olivia Richards and I am a sophomore Psychology major. After I complete my undergrad, I hope to take a year to travel and get some work experience before going back to school for a PsyD in clinical psychology. I am very interested in child and adolescent development and mental health and hope to specialize in this, and maybe one day have my own practice. I love going to concerts, exploring new cities, going to the gym, and hanging out with my bunny, Crunch!

Ashley Coulter

My name is Ashley Coulter, and I am a junior Psychology major, with minors in Creative Writing and Sociocultural Anthropology. After undergrad, I plan on getting my PhD in Developmental Psychology, with a focus on younger children. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, reading, writing, and going to the gym. 

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