Thomas S. Maloney Scholarship in Philosophy

Thomas S. Maloney Scholarship in Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy is proud to honor long-time colleague and beloved teacher Prof. Tom Maloney by awarding one or more students a $1500 scholarship in his honor. This award is based principally on financial need but may also take into consideration other factors such as GPA, involvement in Department activities, and commitment to the philosophic enterprise. To qualify you must:

  • Have been accepted into the Philosophy Department as a major
  • Have completed 9 hours in courses designated “Philosophy” by the end of the semester in which the application is made
  • Have been classified as eligible for financial aid by the U of L Financial Aid Office
  • Be a Kentucky resident
  • Complete a short statement (no longer than 2 pages) explaining the reasons why you are seeking this scholarship. Please use this statement as an opportunity to let us know of financial obstacles that you are facing and how the scholarship can help you to overcome them

Applications are due each spring (March 31st) and awards are made in April. If you have questions, please contact .

Applications must be submitted electronically.

How could a $1500 tuition scholarship help you?

Micah Castanon

Micah Castanon, '20

The Maloney Scholarship helped me to follow my dreams while gaining invaluable knowledge about the world. It also pulled me through tough economic times. Being a two-time recipient, I was able to use the money both to travel to West Africa and pay for unforeseen expenses when Covid-19 hit. I never thought I would have the privilege of being on a different continent studying Philosophy in as beautiful a place as Ghana, and I certainly never expected a global pandemic to strike, but the Maloney Scholarship and the Philosophy Department at the University of Louisville were there for me through both the ups and the downs.