Migration, Mobility, and Health Justice

A one-day, one-credit hybrid seminar offered in spring 2024, with one meeting on Friday 2/9/24.

BETH 605-01/PHIL 505-02/PHIL 605-03

This is a 1 credit-hour hybrid seminar, with one in-person meeting (February 9, 2024, 9am-4 pm) plus online asynchronous instruction and work. The class views migration and mobility through the lens of health justice, and, in turn, views health justice through the lens of migration and mobility. How is the right to health, or to health care, intertwined with rights to (or limitations on) mobility?  This seminar will challenge students to think about what health justice demands in a world of human mobility.



Module 1: Justice and Migration: Foundational Questions

Module 2:  Migration, Border Regulation, and Access to Care

Module 3: ‘Brain Drain’ and Health Professionals’ Migration

Module 4: Medical Globalization and Health Justice

Module 5: Final Presentation or Paper