Full-time Faculty

Vilde Aavitsland

Vilde Lid Aavitsland

Assistant Professor of Philosophy (Term)

306 Bingham Humanities Building, 502-852-0456

PhD DePaul University, 2022

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Social & Political Philosophy, 20th Century Continental Philosophy

Asaf Angermann

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Jewish Thought (Term)

307 Bingham Humanities Building, 502-852-0455

Ph.D. Goethe University Frankfurt, 2013

RESEARCH INTERESTS: 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Critical Theory and the Frankfurt School, Modern Jewish Thought, Philosophy of Race and Racism, Philosophy of Gender and Sexuality, Aesthetics and Culture Theory.

Photo of Guy Dove

Guy Dove

Professor of Philosophy

313B Bingham Humanities Building, 502-852-0450

Ph.D. University of Chicago, 2002

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Philosophy of Psychology & Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Linguistics

Andreas Elpidorou

Andreas Elpidorou

Professor of Philosophy

Director, The Liberal Studies Program

308 Bingham Humanities Building, 502-852-0458

Ph.D. Boston University, 2013

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology, Metaphysics, Moral Psychology, History of Philosophy 

Lauren Freeman

Professor of Philosophy

Director of Graduate Studies

309 Bingham Humanities Building, 502-852-0454

Ph.D. Boston University, 2010

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Feminist Bioethics, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Medicine, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophical Pedagogy

Dr. Ryan Froese

Ryan Froese

Assistant Professor of Philosophy (Term)

314 Bingham Humanities Building, 502-852-0453

Ph.D. DePaul University, 2022

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Modern German Philosophy, Metaphysics, Theories of Normativity

John Gibson

Professor of Philosophy

Vice-chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies

UofL Distinguished Service Award, 2018

313D Bingham Humanities Building, 502-852-0452

Ph.D. University of Toronto, 2001

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Aesthetics, Philosophy of Literature, Philosophy of Language, Value Theory 


Avery Kolers

Professor and Chair of Philosophy

Director, Diversity Literacy Certificate Program

UofL Distinguished Research Award, 2014

311 Bingham Humanities Building, 502-852-0448

Ph.D. University of Arizona, 2000

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Social & Political Philosophy, Applied & Normative Ethics

Olivia Schuman

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Bingham Humanities Rm. 314, 502-852-3001

Ph.D. York University, 2020

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Clinical Ethics, Bioethics, Normative Ethics


K. Bailey Thomas 


Pronouns: They/Them/Their(s)

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Bingham Humanities Building 313C, 502-852-0451

Ph.D The Pennsylvania State University, 2021

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Social Epistemology (Esp. Theories of Ignorance, Oppression, Resistance, and Violence), Black American Feminist Philosophy (Esp. Knowledge Production, Ethics, and Politics), African American and Black American Philosophy, Critical Philosophy of Race, and Social and Political Philosophy