Office of Communications & Marketing

Campus & external communication, media relations and brand marketing

Policies & Guidelines

Our Policies/Guidelines

In the work we are charged with doing, it is necessary to put forth official policies for various aspects of university workings. Below is a list of policies that are currently in effect:


The purpose of the Brand Graphics Policy is to provide rules for coherent communication of the University of Louisville (UofL) brand. This document outlines an identity standards and applications system in three parts.


Whether we’re creating online experiences that encourage learning, sharing and interacting, or simply communicating through a single web page, we must do so in a consistent and mindful way.


UofL has a centralized sponsorship development program to create value for the institution and its community and also to safeguard the integrity of the UofL reputation and brand. OCM is the only department authorized to develop and execute sponsorship agreements and works in cooperation with the Department of Purchasing to monitor the sponsorship policy.

Partner Agencies

The University of Louisville has contracted with five partner agencies to assist with marketing and creative services available to campus.

Public Information

This policy details how information about the university is announced to the public, the role of the Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM), and each employee's responsibility in the release of official information about the university or its positions. All units of the university are expected to follow this policy.

Crisis Communication

The way the University of Louisville communicates in a crisis has a lasting impact on its reputation. As a publicly assisted institution, U of L is obliged to keep the public informed of its activities. Invariably, the news media act as powerful agents in this process.

Filming on Campus

The University of Louisville allows photos, video and film for commercial purposes on its campuses with proper permission from the Office of Communication and Marketing.