Job Description

Graduate Research Assistant Responsibilities

Graduate research assistants will spend 20 hours per week from August 1 through July 31 working in the Research Office. Their primary goal is to assist Research Office staff in the support of faculty research.

Their primary duties will consist of:

  • performing literature searches
  • retrieving articles from the library
  • transcribing interview tapes
  • entering study data
  • making copies
  • assisting in the compilation of grant proposals for mailing
  • may be assigned to work on a faculty member's program of research
  • other research-related duties as required

Graduate Teaching Assistant Responsibilities

Graduate teaching assistants will spend 20 hours per week from August 1 through July 31 working to achieve two primary goals:

  • Assisting with implementation of the undergraduate nursing curriculum.
  • May also be asked to support a graduate course
  • Developing personal classroom and/or clinical teaching skills.

    Example of assignments to assist the undergraduate curriculum include: attending course team meetings, assisting with exam proctoring and scoring; assisting with health assessment and skills lab sessions, assisting with grading course quizzes and written assignments, assisting with special projects from the Office of Student Services; and providing tutoring for math, pathophysiology, and pharmacology.

    Example of assignments to develop personal teaching skills include: teaching a clinical group, a freshman campus culture course, and/or individual course content; and attending monthly faculty development sessions.