Lower Division

Lower Division consists of a minimum of 61 hours. Students may take some lower division course work online if offered. Students may also complete their lower division course work part time. Admission to lower division takes place through the UofL Office of Undergraduate Admission. The list of lower division courses can be found on the PDF provided below. A list of KCTCS equivalent lower division courses is also provided below. Students attending a KCTCS school must be admitted to lower division to complete Pathophysiology and Pharmacology at the University of Louisville.

Transfer students from schools not in the KCTCS system are welcome to request a transfer equivalency evaluation through the Office of Transfer Services. Please click here, to find contact information regarding this process.

Upper Division

Admission to upper division is competitive and consists of 59 hours of lecture and clinical course work. UofL School of Nursing Owensboro Extension accepts up to 35 students each fall and up to 35 students each spring.  Upper division consists of four semesters with no summer courses.  Upper division does not have an online option.  Classes meet for lecture or clinical Monday-Friday and can be scheduled anytime between 6am-9pm depending on clinical site. An innovative curriculum was implemented in the Fall 2017 semester for the undergraduate BSN program; therefore, for pre-licensure programs completion of a Medicaid approved Nurse Aide Training (NAT) program is a clinical compliance requirement for upper division. Please refer to the Nurse Aide Training (NAT) / Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) page for additional information.

The upper division curriculum is listed on the pages below.

Lower Division Course Requirements

Lower Division Equivalency with KCTCS Courses

Upper Division Curriculum effective Fall 2017