Slavens create lasting legacy for Brandeis Law School’s Entrepreneurship Clinic

Slavens create lasting legacy for Brandeis Law School’s Entrepreneurship Clinic

Mike Slaven, BA ’72, JD ’76, created the Brandeis School of Law Entrepreneurship Clinic in 2012 to provide transactional-based experiential learning opportunities for students. Mike was the clinic director until 2016 and he ran the clinic like the corporate department of a law firm, with weekly firm meetings covering agreements, accounting, intellectual property, ethics, FDA approval and other topics.

In 2023 Mike reached out to the clinic asking how he could help. Jennifer Tuvlin, Brandeis School of Law’s senior director of development, and Mike spoke about ways to give and how to create a lasting legacy for the clinic.  

In February, Mike and his wife Louise established the Mike and Louise Slaven Endowment to Support the Entrepreneurship Clinic at the University of Louisville’s Brandeis School of Law. The Slavens donated a portion of their retirement funds to establish the endowment. 

For the Slavens and other alumni over the age of 70 ½, donations from an IRA directly to a charity can be tax-free and a very advantageous way of supporting Brandeis School of Law while also creating a tax benefit for the donor. There are many other ways to make a lasting impact to honor the education you received from UofL’s Brandeis School of Law while receiving tax benefits or having minimal impact on what you pass on to your family. 

Please contact Jennifer Tuvlin to learn more:  And please click here to support Mike’s generosity and ensure that transactional-based experiential learning opportunities are always available for our students.