Brandeis Law students spend spring break on service trip to Belize

UofL students in Belize
Brandeis Law students spent spring break 2018 in Belize for a service learning trip.

During spring break in March 2018, six Brandeis Law students traveled to the Central American country of Belize. 

The trip, organized by the University of Louisville's International Service Learning Program, brought together students from a variety of majors to spend a week teaching at a local high school. This year, the law students were joined by students from UofL's nursing school, dental school and criminal justice and communications departments.

Brandeis Law students and Professor Shelley Santry in Belize March 2018
Brandeis Law students and Professor Shelley Santry in Belize.

In a blog post reflecting on the trip, Brandeis Law student Tom Leonard had this to say:

"To my fellow UofL students: If you are considering taking a trip to Belize, or any other ISLP program for that matter, apply. Don’t even think about it, just apply. Regardless of your teaching or travel experiences, or lack thereof, these programs have something for everybody. Take a chance, put yourself in situations that you have never been in before, step out of your comfort zone, and see the world in a light that maybe you never have before. You just may find that when it is all said and done, you will return home a better person for doing so, with memories and bonds that will last a lifetime."

The other law students on the trip were Lincoln Carr, Mashayla Hays, Sarah Ortkiese, Nick Veroff and Karina Villa. They were led by Brandeis Law Professor Shelley Santry.