Brandeis Law faculty honored for decades of service

Les Abramson Faculty Services Awards 2018
From left, Dean Colin Crawford, Professor Les Abramson, Interim Provost Dale Billingsley and Interim President Greg Postel.

The faculty at the Brandeis School of Law have made invaluable contributions to education, scholarship and the University of Louisville as a whole. 

At an awards ceremony on April 23, 2018, they were honored for their decades of service. 

Five members of the Brandeis Law faculty were recognized at the 2018 Faculty Service Awards.

25 years of service:

30 years of service:

45 years of service:

“I am truly impressed by these faculty members’ dedication to teaching, scholarship and service. Together, they represent 150 years of expertise that they bring to our students and to the legal profession," says Dean Colin Crawford. "I am honored to call them colleagues and am grateful for their contributions to our law school and community.”