Alum of the Month: April Wimberg ('13)

Alum of the Month: April Wimberg ('13)

April Wimberg

April Wimberg ('13) is the September 2016 Alum of the Month.

Wimberg is an attorney in Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP's Litigation practice group, where she focuses her practice in bankruptcy matters and creditors’ rights, as well as complex commercial litigation. She has an extensive background in corporate finance and strategy, as well as experience representing clients in state and federal courts on a wide range of issues.

Prior to joining the firm, Wimberg spent 10 years working on Wall Street and in corporate strategy for Fortune 50 companies. She has assisted companies across the globe with a wide range of business services from raising capital to managing working capital.

We asked her to reflect on her experiences at Brandeis Law.

Why did you choose Brandeis?
Going to law school was an opportunity for me to start a second career, and I knew I wanted to spend this career in my hometown, Louisville.

I had spent most of my first career in finance in New York, and when I returned home I realized that I had lost a significant network of colleagues. When I considered going to law school, building a network and fostering opportunities in Louisville were big considerations. I looked at law schools all across the country, and my search easily determined that Brandeis was the only school for me.

What is your best memory from your time at Brandeis?
Many of my best Brandeis memories revolve around the ideological debates that would occur everywhere in the school. I was surrounded by so many intelligent people with different ideas on how our country should be shaped by the law. Our class spent so much time sharing our ideas and trying to convince others to accept our opinion. We debated our core ideas and beliefs unfiltered by clients or intimidated by barriers to change.

How did your experience at Brandeis help you in your career?
Brandeis gave me a strong foundation in the law, but also gave me the opportunity to start my career.

The Office of Professional Development connected me with an internship at the County Attorney’s office, which allowed me to work my first year of law school and become familiar with the Louisville court system. That experience was invaluable.

When I spoke with the office again about my experiences and goals, I was able to find a great internship opportunity with Bingham Greenebaum Doll, where I continue to work.

What advice do you have for law students today?
Treat law school as your first legal job. Law school is your opportunity to build your legal reputation. That reputation will one day help you with job opportunities, referrals and representing clients across the table from your classmates.

Who was your favorite professor and why?
This is the most difficult question because I had some of the most fabulous professors, including Susan Duncan, Ariana Levinson, Richard Nowka, Sam Marcosson and Luke Milligan.

If I have to pick, I will say that Lisa Nicholson was my favorite. She had a passion for business law that was almost uncontainable. She dedicated so many hours to me, sitting in her office discussing law and life. She undoubtedly found her calling in life as an educator.

But I also need to say that I will always be grateful to John Cross and Manning Warren. After having a baby and not being able to take certain classes, both sponsored me in independent studies so I could still have the benefit of learning those subjects under their guidance. I don’t know that I would have found that support anywhere but Brandeis.