Criminal Justice Faculty

CJ Faculty Page

Department Chair:

Cherie Dawson-Edwards, Ph.D.Virginia Commonwealth University 

Associate Professor: Public Policy & Administration, Restorative Justice




jpeg of George HigginsGeorge E. Higgins Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Professor: Criminological Theory Testing, Advanced Quantitative Methods, Cybercrime




jpeg of DGK in AustraliaDeborah G. Keeling, Ph.D., Purdue University

Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, College of A&S

ProfessorCorrections, Program Evaluation, International Policing


jpeg of Dr VitoGennaro F. Vito, Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Professor:  CJ Leadership, Capital Punishment

Associate Professors:

Viviana Andreescu, Ph.D., University of Louisville

Associate Professor: Criminological Theory, Women & Crime, International Persp. on Violence


Elizabeth L. Grossi, Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Associate Professor: Corrections and Criminology, International Service Learning



jpeg of Tad HughesThomas W. Hughes, J.D., University of Dayton, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

Associate Professor: Policing, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law

Kristin Swartz, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

Vice Chair - Director of Graduate Studies

Associate Professor: Communities & Crime, Effectiveness of Correctional Intervention, Correctional Staff Issues & School Crime


Assistant Professors:

Bradley Campbell, Ph.D., Sam Houston State University

Assistant Professor: Policing: Investigations, Decision-Making, Training, Responses to Victims




      Barry Denton

      Barry Denton Ed.D, Spaulding University 

      Assistant Professor: Criminal Justice, Terrorism and Homeland Security


      Ben FisherBenjamin W. Fisher, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University

      Assistant Professor: School Safety & Security Measures, Exclusionary Discipline, School Climate, Perception of School Safety & Inequality




              Michael LosavioMichael M. Losavio, J.D., Louisiana State University

              Assistant Professor: Criminal Procedure, Law & Computer Forensics




              jpeg of Heather OuelletteHeather Ouellette, Ph.D.University of South Carolina

              Assistant Professor: Institutional and Community Corrections, Offender Assessment & Management




                  jpeg of Angela Thiel0

                  Angela J. Thielo, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

                  Assistant Professor: Effective Corrections, Juvenile Justice

                  jpeg of Alex Widdowson

                   Alex O. Widdowson, Ph.D., Florida State University

                  Assistant Professor: Criminal & Delinquent Behavior, Criminology, Capital Punishment



                      Adjunct Faculty:

                      Kathy A. Eigelbach, M.S., Eastern Kentucky University

                      Adjunct Faculty: Internship/Practicum Coordinator, Crime Prevention, Career Development




                      Joseph S. Grant, Ph.D., University of Louisville

                      Adjunct Faculty: Law Enforcement, Cultural Intelligence, Conflict Management


                      Theresa C. Hayden, Ph.D., University of Louisville

                      Adjunct Faculty: Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methodology, Human Trafficking




                      Photo of SPI Director Cindy ShainCynthia Shain, M.S., Eastern Kentucky University

                      Director: Southern Police Institute

                      Adjunct Faculty: Law Enforcement & Leadership 

                      Faculty Emeritus:


                      J. Price Foster Ph.D., Florida State University

                      Professor Emeritus



                      Dr. Bill WalshWilliam F. Walsh Ph.D., Fordham University.

                       Professor Emeritus



                      Part-Time Lecturers:

                        Harry E. Allen Ph.D., The Ohio State University

                        Part-Time Lecturer: Corrections,  Ethics, White Collar Crime




                         Charles BakerCharles D. Baker Ed. D., Arizona State University

                        Part-Time Lecturer: Law Enforcement, Serial Murder, Criminalistics




                        Terry EdwardsTerry D. Edwards, J.D.University of Louisville

                        Part-Time Lecturer: Criminal Law & Evidence, Criminal Procedure, Constitutional Law




                            John Gregory, Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University

                            Part-Time Lecturer: Law Enforcement


                            Joe Gutmann, J.D., University of Louisville

                            Part-Time Lecturer: Criminal Law & Evidence, Criminal Procedure


                            Wesley Jennings, Ph.D., University of Florida

                            Part-Time Lecturer: Sex Crimes, Gender Race/Ethnicity, Gangs


                            George Richards, Ph.D. CPP, University of Akron

                            Part-Time Lecturer: Occult Crime, Emergency Mgmt., Homeland Security


                            Geetha Suresh, Ph.D., University of Louisville

                            Part-Time Lecturer: Quantitative Analysis & Crime Mapping


                            Mark Wettle, J.D., University of Kentucky

                            Part-Time Lecturer: Criminal Law