B.S. Criminal Justice Accelerated Track to Law (3+3)

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Studies in criminal justice examine public security and order, providing a good preparation for the study and practice of law an as attorney. This reflects the views of the great Justice Louis Brandeis that the social and economic sciences inform the just rule of law, what he called 'The Living Law." The lessons learned are applicable whether a student pursues a career in criminal law and legal compliance, or chooses a civil or domestic path or future employment with a federal law enforcement agency.

This program is designed for the high achieving, on-campus student who plans to study law. Students must complete 30 hours with a 3.5 grade point average at UofL and meet with a criminal justice advisor before being accepted into the 3+3 program. The accepted applicant in the 3+3 program will apply to the Brandeis School of Law in the fall of their junior year. Brandeis requires six semesters of college work (fall/spring only) after high school graduation. We recommend that you visit louisville.edu/law/admissions/apply-now to gain an understanding of the admission criteria for acceptance.

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree awarded upon successful completion of first year in law at the Brandeis School of Law.

General Education (34 hours)

All degrees require the completion of the University-wide General Education Program. Some General Education requirements may be met in the requirements for the major or supporting coursework, in which case additional electives may be required to complete the minimum hours for the degree.

See the undergraduate catalog for general education requirements.

A&S Programmatic Requirements (13-15 hours)

General 101: A&S Orientation 1
Foreign Language (completion of the second semester of a single foreign language; hours will vary depending on language taken) 6-8
Electives in Humanities or Natural Sciences at 300 level or above (in addition to courses counted toward General Education) 6
WR - two approved courses at the 300 level or above (may be incorporated into other degree requirements)

Department of Criminal Justice (36 hours)

Criminal Justice 2001, 2011, 2021, 305, 325, 326, 360, 4852 24
Criminal Justice electives (Criminal Justice electives must be from approved departmental list at the 300 level or above.) 12

Law School Courses (30 hours)

LAW                                                                                                                                     30

Electives (0-8 hours)

Electives                                                                                                                              0-8

Minimum total: (121 hours)


Culminating Undergraduate Experience requirement (for students admitted Summer 2014 or later) is fulfilled by completing CJ 485

NOTE: Students must have a minimum of 50 hours at the 300 level or above.


NOTE: students must be admitted to Brandeis Law by 4th year to be able to enroll in law classes.

1 Fulfills General Education requirement.
2 Fulfills WR requirement.