Criminal Justice Staff

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Ginger Brown

Dir of Student Services
Phone: 502-852-0382
Brigman Hall Rm 206
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Kamla Gant

Unit Business Manager Intermediate
Phone: 502-852-0974
Brigman Hall Rm 216
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Kim Hendricks

Coordinator - Criminal Justice Student Outreach and Engagement
Phone: 502-852-0373
Brigman Hall Rm 207
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Angela Gray

Coordinator of Publications and Marketing (SPI) -
Web Support and Social Media
Phone: 502-852-8577
McCandless Hall Rm 107
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James D Jenkins

Tier 1 IT Support
Phone: 502-852-0064
Brigman Hall Rm 220
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Kelley Ross

Financial Coordinator
Phone: 502-852-6088
Brigman Hall Rm 212
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jpeg of Sandy

Sandy Wade

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 502-852-2686
Brigman Hall Rm 205
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Karen Thompson

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 502-852-6567
Brigman Hall Rm 227
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