Petitions & Forms

Student Petitions and Forms

Farley Scholarship Application Form

The following forms, among others, can be found on the Registrar’s Office website:

  • Audit/Pass-Fail Form
  • Drop/Add and Grade Type Change Form

The following forms and petitions, among others, can be found on the Arts and Sciences Advising website:

  • Petition to Repeat a Course
  • Petition to Late Add a Class
  • Petition for Late Withdrawal or Change to Audit, Pass/Fail or Letter Grade
  • Instructor’s Remarks Form
  • Curriculum Exception Petitions
  • Undergraduate Application for Enrollment in an Independent Study, Internship, or Research Course

Faculty and Staff Forms

ProCard Receipt Submittal Form

Humanities Syllabus Checklist


NOTE ABOUT FILLING OUT PDF FORMS ELECTRONICALLY: Browser-based PDF readers won’t save your entries or allow electronic signatures. Electronic PDF form data can be reliably saved if you download and complete the form using Acrobat Reader.
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