Criminal Background Check (CBC) Frequently Asked Questions

What is the policy regarding Criminal Background Checks?

Before any initial hire may begin employment or attend New Employee Orientation the university must complete a CBC. Initial hires are defined as not having been established within the university payroll system in a 12 month period. This policy will cover anyone who may receive a paycheck from the university payroll system via completing the I-9 documentation.  This requirement has been made effective by Kentucky law as of July 12, 2006.


Who is required to complete a Criminal Background Check?

All initial hires to the university will require a CBC. This includes all Staff, Faculty, Administrator, Temporary and non-stipendiary student workers.

Depending on the position, if a candidate has worked with the university within the past 12 months, the candidate will not require a CBC unless they are hired or transferred to a department or job that already requires or requests a background check or coming from a paygroup that was previously exempt.


Who are the exceptions to the Criminal Background Check requirement?

Until further notice, individuals in the following pay groups will not be subject to CBCs: H12 (House Staff), and D12 (Doctoral Trainees), Hand Fellows, and Federal Work Study students.

  • Any D12, or H12 candidate moving to a non-exempt paygroup such as P12, B24 or B25 must have a CBC completed prior to the effective date of transfer.
  • Faculty and Administrator hires with board approval no later than July 11, 2006 with future effective dates will not require a CBC.
  • Individuals in the pay group N26 will not require a CBC as this category is reserved for Non-Wage Payment.


Who must have an education verification completed with the Criminal Background Check?

Education Verification will be requested for all regular staff positions using the following criteria:

  • The position classification requires a degree and the candidate provided degree information during the search. (Please note that education verification will not be necessary if a candidate is using years of experience to offset educational requirements).
  • The position classification does not require a degree, but the candidate provided degree information during the search, which was used to assess the candidate’s knowledge skills and abilities.

Education verifications can only be completed on degrees that have been awarded. This check will be added by Human Resources if it is for a position that meets the criteria above.  Education verification is not necessary for student and temporary assignments. Faculty credentials will continue to be verified by the Faculty Personnel Office.


Can anyone begin employment before a Criminal Background Check is complete?

Foreign Nationals without a social security number who have been in the country less than 30 days may begin employment if the CBC has been initiated prior to beginning work.


What if my candidate is a minor (under the age of 18)?

Candidates under the age of 18 will need to have a parent or guardian sign the authorization form for the CBC.  Please contact your Employment Services coordinator if you have questions or need to discuss a minor candidate.


What about Temporaries from Temporary Agencies?

Temporaries brought into the University through Temp Agencies must complete a criminal background check through the Temp Agency before they can work at the University.


When can I hire the candidate and send them to orientation?

For the following pay groups the hire date must be after the completion of the criminal background check: A12, AFB, AFM, B24, B25, F11, F12, F51, L11, L12, P12, R12, S26 (except for Federal Work Study), T12, and T26. Candidates in these pay groups cannot be hired or sent to orientation until their CBC is complete and cleared.

Foreign Nationals without a social security number may be hired and can attend orientation when the CBC is in the initiated status and the authorization form has been faxed to Employment Services.


How do I proceed with a Foreign National Criminal Background Check without a Social Security Number?

Initiate the CBC for the Foreign National as soon as they have accepted the provisional (pending the background check) offer of employment, as with all other hires.  Then notify your employment coordinator to let them know this is pending SSN. Once they have received their SSN, notify your employment coordinator again that the CBC can be submitted.  You will not need to provide the SSN at that time.  The new hire will provide it to the vendor with their consent form.

Foreign Nationals must apply for the SS card within 11 business days of beginning work. Payroll must receive the receipt for the application within 13 business days of beginning work. 30 days after the receipt date the Foreign National must present their SS card to Payroll or notify Payroll that the SS card has not been received. 60 days after the date of the receipt the Foreign National must present the SS card to Payroll or be placed on LOA until the card is received.


How do I submit a Criminal Background Check request?

A security form must be completed and signed by the user’s supervisor. A training video will be required for you to view, then you will be notified once security is set up.  Once security access has been granted, the department contact should be ready to proceed with the CBC process and requests.


Who is responsible and what is the cost of the Criminal Background Check?

The department requesting the CBC will be responsible for the cost. Enter the appropriate speedtype on the request panel as required for billing purposes.

Effective October 1, 2012, standard CBC's will be $26.10 plus any applicable state fees wherever a person has lived for the last seven years. For each alias name, a flat fee of $20 will be charged.

Student Assistant CBCs will be paid for by the department making the initial hire of the student. In a joint decision by the Offices of the Controller and Grants Management, it was agreed that the costs associated with performing CBCs are administrative in nature and therefore will be treated as indirect costs by this institution.

The account code for CBCs has been designated as 545161 for payments of services related to criminal background checks on employees.


How do I know the Criminal Background Check is complete?

  • If a CBC result is clear: The department contact(s) listed on the request panel will be notified via email of the authorization to proceed with the hiring of the candidate.
  • If a CBC result has reviewable findings: The department contact(s) listed on the request panel will be contacted by phone by the Employment Services Rep assigned to the department or by Faculty Personnel for Faculty and Administrator candidates.


Who gets the Criminal Background Check information?

Submission and results are received by Human Resources for staff and students and by Faculty Personnel for faculty and administrator candidates.


Who makes the final decision?

  • Employment Services will evaluate any reviewable findings for staff and student candidates and will work with the corresponding department contacts on all student and staff personnel. Thus, Human Resources will make the final decision.
  • Faculty Personnel will evaluate any reviewable findings for faculty and administrator candidates and will assist the corresponding department contacts all on faculty and administrator personnel. The Provost and hiring Dean or Vice President will make the final decision.


Who do I contact with questions or information?

For staff and student hires contact Employment Services at

For faculty and administrator hires contact the specific department or unit who has posted the open position.