Second Year Live-On Exemption Instructions

To complete a Second Year Live-On Exemption Request, please log into the Housing Portal and follow these steps:

1. After entering the portal, select "Requests" from the left-hand menu.

2. Select "Appeals and Forms." You will now be able to view a list of available appeals/forms.

3. Select "Second Year Live-On Exemption".

4. If you are requesting an exemption because you plan to live with a parent or guardian during your second year at UofL, please download and complete this Exemption Request. Then, upload the form as part of your documentation when you complete the request in the Housing Portal. Be sure that all signatures are original and hand-signed in blue or black ink. We cannot accept electronic signatures or signatures with red ink.

Please note: You are not required to pay the application fee in order to complete a Second Year Live-On Exemption Request.

For more information about our exemption process, including criteria for automatic exemption approval, please view the Second Year Residential Requirement Policy.

Learn more about appeals documentation.

Please note: Students can only appeal the non-compliance fee in the semester in which the fee is assessed.