Fall 2024 Room Selection

Room Selection

Getting Started

Monitor your email for a room selection date and time. Your room selection date and time are determined by the day on which you submitted the housing application including payment. Select your room by logging into the Housing Portal on your appointed date/time during the room selection period.

  • If you are interested in living with your friends next year, have those conversations prior to the room selection period so that you can setup your Roommate Group before room selection begins.

Want to View Your Assignment and Roommate(s)?

You may view your room assignment and roommate(s) by logging into the Housing Portal and navigating to "My Account." If you are not able to view a roommate name, this is likely due to one of two reasons: A. no one has yet assigned themselves into your unit or B. the roommate elected on the housing application that their information not be shared.


    Want to Change Your Room?

    The room change function is located in the Housing Portal under "Requests." You may change your space at any time during the designated room selection period by following our room change instructions.


    Room Selection Reminders

    • When you log into the Housing Portal, you will only see what spaces are available at that exact point in time, and new available spaces can appear at any time. The Housing office cannot tell you exact availability because it changes so frequently. If you do not see a specific building/room style, that means it is not available at that time.
    • You will only be allowed to assign beginning at your specific timeslot. Anyone in the roommate group can assign the group to a space, so we recommend letting the person with the earliest timeslot assign everyone! Do not log-in early, as you will get a no access screen.
    • Be aware that the size of your preferred roommate group will affect what spaces show as available to you; if you have a 4-person roommate group, once all units with four empty spaces are filled the system will tell you that you no longer have access to room selection. You would need to shrink or leave your roommate group in order to try room selection again with a smaller group or by yourself. Please note: As of April, please remove yourself from roommate groups prior to selecting, as space for more than one person in a single room is unlikely.
    • Verify your roommate groups ahead of time! If you have anyone in your group who has not accepted the invitation OR already has a Fall 2024 assignment through Room Retention or LLC/TC acceptance, you will not have access to select your space. Please remove anyone from your group with an Active Fall 2024 assignment prior to February 20th to avoid any unnecessary complications to your selection process!
    • Please note that cancelling an LLC/TC assignment will not allow you to participate in the Priority Self-Selection period. If an approved LLC/TC applicant denies their LLC/TC after assignment, they will be moved into an open space in one of our halls and will then be allowed to perform a room change beginning February 26, 2024 (upper-level) or June 4, 2024 (first-year students).
    • If you do not participate in Priority Room Selection before it closes, you will be added to the General Room Selection period beginning March 20th (upper-level) or June 4th (first-year students).
    • The Housing Portal is cloud-based, so it cannot crash. If you are stuck on the white loading screen, please do not refresh as this will cause you to lose your place in the queue! The portal will probably run slowly for everyone on the day of, so please be patient!
    • Once you receive an assignment notification to your UofL email account, you will have up to ten days in which to cancel your housing without incurring a cancellation fee. Learn more about our cancellation policy.