Fall 2023 Room Selection

Room Selection

Getting Started

Monitor your email for a room selection date and time. Your room selection date and time are determined by the day on which you submitted the housing application including payment. Select your room by logging into the Housing Portal on your appointed date/time during the room selection period.

  • If you are interested in living with your friends next year, have those conversations prior to the room selection period so that you can setup your Roommate Group before room selection begins.

Want to View Your Assignment and Roommate(s)?

You may view your room assignment and roommate(s) by logging into the Housing Portal and navigating to "My Account." If you are not able to view a roommate name, this is likely due to one of two reasons: A. no one has yet assigned themselves into your unit or B. the roommate elected on the housing application that their information not be shared.

    Want to Change Your Room?

    The room change function is located in the Housing Portal under "Requests." You may change your space at any time during the designated room selection period by following our room change instructions.