Cancellation Request

The Campus Housing Confirmation and License Form is binding for the academic year for all halls.


Read the Cancellation Policy before submitting your request.

Housing defines the academic year to be the dates as the weekend before classes begin for the fall semester, through twenty-four (24) hours past the last final exam offered for the spring semester. Thus, completing the Application and agreeing to the Housing License at the end of the application constitutes acceptance by the student of a formal housing assignment and all financial responsibility for the duration of the license term.

To cancel your housing assignment, complete the form listed below. If applicable, fees will be assessed to your University student account. After clicking on submit, you will receive an email with a copy of your request.  Please retain this for your records.  If you do not receive a copy, contact us to verify that we have received it.  You will then need to set up an appointment with your building staff to properly check out of your room.

First Year Students: If you cancel your housing without requesting an exemption from the first year live on policy, you will receive a noncompliance charge on top of your cancellation penalties.  Please read the First Year Live On Policy policy thoroughly so that you understand how it can affect you.

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