Fall 2023-Spring 2024 Cancellation Policy


This policy contains two separate sub-sections: one for First-Year Applicants and one for Upper-Level Applicants. Be sure to review the definitions of these two groups under each sub-section below. If you have any additional questions regarding which applicant category pertains to you, please .

Please note: We cannot accept cancellations via phone or email. All cancellations must take place via the Cancellation Request in the Housing Portal.

First-Year Applicants

Click here to view the First-Year Applicant Cancellation Policy.

Upper-Level Applicants

Click here to view the Upper-Level Applicant Cancellation Policy.

Cancellation Fee Appeal Request

Any applicant who has applied but chooses not to enroll in courses at the University of Louisville may cancel their license agreement without having to pay a cancellation fee; students who are not enrolled after the University’s Add/Drop date will have their cancellation fee automatically removed.

If you feel that you are exempt from the terms of this policy, please submit the Cancellation Fee Appeal Request in the Housing Portal, along with supporting documentation.

If you are not approved for a live-on exemption and you are not approved for a cancellation fee appeal request for the same academic semester, you will not be responsible for paying both fees. You will only be responsible for the cancellation fee for that semester.


Please note that cancellation charges should be paid quickly. Students whose accounts are not paid by the established deadlines may be subject to financial penalties. Please visit the Office of the Bursar for tuition and fees, financial penalties, how to you’re your bills online or via check, and more.

Send all payments to:

University of Louisville Bursar’s Office
2211 S. Brook St.
Louisville, KY 40292

Decided not to attend?

Please visit the Cancellation Policy Overview if you are either a first-year applicant or an upper-level applicant and no longer wish to attend classes at the University of Louisville.