Appeals Documentation


Whether you are submitting a Cancellation Fee Appeal, Director's Level of Appeal, or Live-On Exemption Request, you will be able to upload any relevant documentation which supports your case. All documentation must be uploaded as part of your respective request through the Housing Portal, as we cannot accept files submitted via email. Here are a few specifics:

  • Documentation should be uploaded as legible PNG, PDF, or JPEG/JPG files which are sized appropriately for viewing (i.e. not thumbnail-sized images). 
  • Documentation should be official in the sense that an appeals committee can determine that it is legitimate. Photocopies of original materials such as letters, licenses, tax summaries, etc. are acceptable as legitimate forms of documentation.
  • Documentation needs vary by individual circumstance, and there is not a standard set of documentation which would guarantee approval. For example, an extenuating health circumstance cannot be proven via financial documentation. On the other hand, if a situation is both health and financial in nature, then a student should submit evidence of both circumstances (i.e. documentation to support an extenuating health circumstance and documentaiton to support an extenuating financial circumstance).

What are some examples of official documentation?

Examples of official documentation include the following:

  • Letters from medical professionals on official letterhead, hand-signed in blue or black ink, containing the medical professional's license number, and stating the student's specific medical diagnosis, date of diagnosis, and recommendation by the health professional concerning the student's ability to live in Campus Housing. 
  • Letters from employers on official letterhead, hand-signed in blue or black ink, dated, and stating a beginning and end date for unemployment or change in salary as well as the exact dollar amounts impacted. For example, "On August 20, 2020, Susie's salary unexpectedly was reduced from $X to $X. This change in salary lasted until September 1, 2020 OR This change in salary is still in effect.
  • Driver's licenses

Please Note

The submission of official documentation to support a case does not guarantee case approval. This is because an appeals committee carefully considers each case in its entirety, including all documentation and reasoning, before coming to a decision. If you have any questions regarding documentation, please contact us at or by phone at 502.852.6636 so that we may assist you.

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