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Financing your undergraduate or graduate/professional education must be a flexible process tailored to you, no matter the opportunities you pursue through your academic journey. Learn about more financial aid opportunities at the University of Louisville (UofL) relating to visiting and transferring and our local partnerships, such as Metropolitan (Metro) College.

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Aid for Transfer Students

If you plan to transfer to the University of Louisville, the Student Financial Aid Office will assess your eligibility for a variety of financial aid options. To ensure a smooth transition:

Note: If you were selected for verification at your previous school, you will also be selected for verification at UofL. Verification must be completed before you become eligible for federal financial aid at UofL.

Learn more about admissions for transfer students.

Aid for Study Abroad Students

If you plan to participate in a study abroad program, you may be able to use federal financial aid and some state or scholarship funding from your current financial aid package. It is also recommended to apply for specific study abroad scholarships, which can assist in covering any additional expenses.

The Student Financial Aid Office has the provision to modify your overall aid award to support your study abroad experiences. However, it is mandatory to have a consortium or contractual agreement in place before the aid can be approved and disbursed for classes taken in a study abroad program.

Steps to be considered for study abroad financial aid:

  1. Identify a study abroad opportunity.
  2. Contact the Office of Study Abroad and International Travel to receive an individualized study abroad budget from a dedicated adviser.
  3. With the help of your study abroad adviser, provide the Student Financial Aid Office with details such as the program's cost, total enrolled hours, course equivalency and intended enrollment period.
  4. If approved, complete all necessary financial aid steps before leaving the country, including those required for Direct Loan processing.
  5. If you expect residual funds, set up a BankMobile account to receive aid funds.

Note: Some scholarships cannot be used for studying abroad. You will be responsible for any payment installations owed for the study abroad program before federal, state or institutional funds are disbursed.

Learn more about financing your study abroad experience and explore study abroad financial aid resources.

Aid for Adult or Returning Students

Are you returning to school? Whether tackling a bachelor’s program or taking on graduate or professional studies, the Student Financial Aid Office can help craft financial solutions for your needs.

Learn more about scholarships adult students may be eligible for.

Aid for Post-Baccalaureate and Second Degree Students

While students pursuing a second bachelor’s degree or post-baccalaureate program or who are taking classes without seeking a degree may not be eligible for Pell Grants or other types of scholarships and aid, they may still qualify for federal loans.

Students pursuing a second bachelor’s degree, including senior-age students, should become familiar with UofL’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy, which affects aid eligibility.

Note: Aggregate lifetime undergraduate loan limits and federal loan limits for senior-age students are enforced. These limits are:

  • Senior federal loan limits: $7,500 if a dependent student, $12,500 if an independent student
  • Undergraduate lifetime loan limits: $31,000 if a dependent student, $57,500 if an independent student

Learn more about post-baccalaureate and second-degree admissions.

Aid for Military-Connected Students and Veterans

From special tuition rates to tuition assistance, the University of Louisville offers financial assistance programs to students who are veterans, military members or their families.

The Center for Military-Connected Students is a hub for all military and veteran benefits questions.

Aid for Visiting Students/Scholars

Visiting UofL for a short time? While visiting enrolled students might not be eligible for financial aid directly from us, you could qualify for federal financial assistance from your home institution. Consult with your home institution’s financial aid office for more details.

Aid for Students Nearing Graduation

Approaching graduation is exciting, but it’s important to know how it affects your financial aid. If you have a Direct Loan, it may need to be prorated (recalculated) based on your enrollment hours.

After submitting your application for graduation, contact the Student Financial Aid Office for questions.

Metro College Program

The Metropolitan College program is a unique partnership that offers both employment income and paid tuition benefits, where UofL students work shifts at UPS in return for full tuition benefits.

If you are participating in Metro College:

  • Filing a FAFSA is required.
  • Metropolitan College tuition benefits must be reported to the Student Financial Aid Office to calculate eligibility for other forms of financial aid, such as loans.
  • Report Metro College aid early to prevent changes in your eligibility resulting in adjustments to your financial aid.

Get started with Metro College.

Final Steps: Secure Specialized Financial Aid at UofL

Navigating the financial aid process can be challenging, but you're not alone. We're here to help every step of the way. Explore the links above, use our resources and don't hesitate to reach out to the Student Financial Aid Office for any assistance. Together, we’ll work toward making your educational goals a reality.

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