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Welcome to the world of scholarships at the University of Louisville (UofL), a hub for diverse financial aid opportunities designed to make higher education accessible and affordable.

Scholarships, ranging from those included in the admissions process to those you apply for independently, cater to a wide range of students and aim to recognize academic excellence, leadership potential, personal achievements and various other talents.

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Types of Scholarships

There are various scholarships available for University of Louisville graduate/professional and undergraduate students that do not require repayment, such as merit or academic scholarships. While full-ride scholarships are competitive and rare, we provide numerous funding options to facilitate effective cost management.

Learn how to apply for financial aid at UofL.

Aid From the Student Financial Aid Office

In addition to scholarships managed by the Office of Admissions, the Student Financial Aid Office (SFAO) manages several scholarship awards. The Student Financial Aid Office offers many scholarship opportunities for specific activities, locations and types of learners.

Explore scholarships managed by the SFAO.

Aid From Academic Departments

Explore the unique scholarship opportunities offered by individual academic departments, colleges and schools at UofL, tailored to your field of study and academic interests. For graduate/professional students, find information about fellowships, assistantships and the funding process.

Explore scholarships from UofL departments and colleges.

Outside Scholarships

We can help you broaden your scholarship search to include external organizations offering a range of opportunities for students of all backgrounds and interests. Find a brief list of external scholarships and learn how to apply funds from outside sources to your financial aid package.

Explore scholarships from sources outside of UofL.

Kentucky State Scholarships

In addition to grants, the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) offers scholarships for state residents, from the Kentucky Educational Excellence merit award to scholarships supporting education students and future teachers.

Explore scholarships from the State of Kentucky.

New Student Scholarships

Scholarship resources for first-time college students include those awarded by the Office of Admissions, honors program awards and local state aid sources. Find more information about searching for scholarships for the first time and the types of scholarships for which first-time college students can apply.

Explore scholarships for incoming students.

Current Student Scholarships

Looking to enhance your financial aid package as a returning University of Louisville student? Find information on a range of opportunities based on your current academic achievements, other accomplishments, and various options from both state and private sources. Start reviewing today to unlock additional financial support for your education.

Explore scholarships for current students.

Transfer and Nontraditional Student Scholarships

One destination for transfer student scholarships and scholarships for students returning to school as adults is the Office of Transfer & Adult Services. Other dedicated scholarships designed to assist adult nontraditional students are available; review assistantship opportunities, fellowship opportunities and other awards.

Explore scholarships for transfer/adult students.

Searching for Scholarships

Embark on your scholarship search with confidence. Use UofL’s Scholarship Universe search tool to find scholarship and aid opportunities that align with your academic achievements, career goals and unique talents.

More Types of Aid

Apart from scholarships, other types of financial aid are available to help support your educational journey at the University of Louisville. Whether you're looking for merit-based, need-based or activity-specific scholarships, explore various options to find the best fit for your financial needs.

Find types of aid explained.

Study Abroad Resources

Planning to study abroad? Access scholarships and funds specifically allocated for international study programs, making your global educational dreams a reality.

Learn about funding for studying abroad.

Tuition Waivers

Certain applicants (veterans, military, UofL employees and their families) may use tuition waivers (managed by the Office of the Bursar) under certain conditions to reduce the amount of tuition on their bill. Military and veteran students can review military tuition assistance information and learn about education benefits for veterans.

Learn about tuition waivers.

Metro College

Apart from scholarships, our unique partnership with Metropolitan (Metro) College pays full tuition for students who enroll. In return for paid tuition, students earn a paycheck working night shifts at UPS.

Learn about Metro College.

More Information

Reporting Aid Sources

Access the forms and documents needed to report scholarship funding you have applied for and received outside of the UofL Admissions or Student Financial Aid Office.

Learn how reporting outside aid fits into the financial aid process.

Forms and Policies

Get familiar with our policies regarding stacking scholarships and maxing out financial assistance and find scholarship-related forms you may need through your education.

Find scholarship and financial aid forms and documents.

Manage and Apply for Scholarships at UofL

Master the art of managing and applying for scholarships with our expert tips and resources. From crafting standout applications to tracking your submissions, we're here to support you at every step.

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