Step 5: Compare Award Letters

There are many factors to consider when choosing a college or university to attend, including financial considerations. You must determine whether you can afford to attend not only one year, but the following years needed to complete your degree. The University of Louisville and our office strive to meet the financial needs of our students. We award students based on their financial need and academic standing. Some sources of aid have limited funding.

If after receiving your award letter you have questions about additional financial options, please contact us.

To best compare your UofL award letter with award letters from other schools, you must consider several factors. Some questions to ask yourself are below:

1.    How does your gift aid (grants and scholarships) compare to offered loans?

2.    What is the difference between the actual costs of attending (tuition, fees, and housing) and the awarded financial aid?

3.    Are the awarded scholarships renewable?

4.    What scholarship opportunities are available for following years?

5.    How much has tuition increased over the last several years at the institution?

6.    How much anticipated debt will I have to incur to complete my degree, and how does that compare to my likely career earnings?

How may we assist you?

Email Service

A dedicated student and communication service account is monitored by a team equipped to provide assistance to students.

Email Financial Aid Service at:

Call Center

A dedicated call center is available to assist with all phone inquiries.

Call Student Financial Aid at: (502) 852-5511