Faculty Advising Overview

How are Faculty Advisors Assigned?

Graduate students are assigned to a faculty advisor upon admission. Faculty advisors provide guidance regarding course requirements, practicum and internship information, research and dissertation development, funding opportunities and questions related to the program requirements. Faculty advisors are the student’s main point of contact when it comes to curriculum, information on course offerings, and academic program sheets.

The faculty advisor's name and contact information is included in the official admission e-mail. Department chairs make the determination of when faculty receive advisees and how many are assigned. 

Prospective student advising is shared between the GSS, EPSS, or the UASD (depending on the students program of interest). 

Roles and Responsibilities of Faculty Advisors

  • Meet with advisees (in person, electronically, or phone)
  • Prepare and sign Program Sheets during first semester of enrollment for MA/MS/MAT students
  • Monitor progress of advisees and updates program sheet as necessary
  • Communicate as needed to return telephone calls, e-mails and written correspondence
  • Provide appropriate opportunities for individual consultation
  • Provide assistance in the exploration of career opportunities
  • Be knowledgeable about the requirements of the program
  • Use the information provided in PeopleSoft (e.g., transcripts, enrollment summaries)
  • Provide assistance with course sequencing
  • Make referrals when needed
  • Be knowledgeable of academic policies and procedures 

General Tips for Excellent Advising

  • Use your colleagues as resources. Find out who the experienced, highly-respected advisors in your department/college are and get their general advice, ask to sit in on their advising appointments, ask them questions when you aren’t sure about something.
  • Be friendly, positive and welcoming.
  • Ask your advisees open-ended questions, for example:
    • How is your semester going?
    • What class(es) are you enjoying the most and why?
    • What clubs/organizations/activities are you involved in on campus?
    • What are your goals for your time here at UofL and/or after you graduate?
    • What are some of the skills you got from your (research experience, semester abroad, internship, current job, etc.)?


FERPA permits the University to make public only information deemed “directory information.” More detailed information can be found at the website: https://louisville.edu/oapa/consumer-information-1/ferpa

Sample Advising Communications

Introductory Email

Dear Advisee,

I have been assigned as your new faculty advisor. As your advisor, I am interested in your academic and overall success. I am available to answer your questions and offer guidance to support your learning and career goals. As an advisee, I hope you will reach out with questions, stop by during office hours, or schedule an appointment whenever you'd like to meet. 

My office is located in BUILDING, ROOM and my phone number is 852-XXXX. I have office hours from THIS TIME to THIS TIME on THESE DAYS.  The best way to schedule an appointment with me is to send me an email with times you are available to meet. Allow XX hours for a response.

I look forward to working with you.



Welcome Back

Send your returning advisees a welcome back message and inform them of your office hours and preferred method of contact for the coming semester.

Dear Advisee,

Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful SUMMER/WINTER BREAK and that you’re looking forward to the upcoming semester. I have office hours on THESE DAYS at THESE TIMES in LOCATION. As always, if you have a question or concern, please be in touch.



Upcoming Registration Reminder

Dear Advisee, 

WINTER/SPRING/FALL registration is coming up on XX, XX, 20XX. Make sure to check your "tasks" tile in Ulink for any holds and resolve them before the registration period begins. Holds will prevent you from registering for classes until they are resolved. If you have any questions about which courses to take in the next semester, please send me an email with your request so that we can meet and discuss. 



Degree & Graduation Apparel Reminder

Dear Advisee, 

If you are intending to graduate in DEC/MAY/AUG 20xx, remember that you must apply for your degree (or certificate) no later than DATE. Failure to apply by the published date will result in you graduating later than you intended, and you will need to enroll in courses next semester, in order to be eligible for you degree per graduate school policy which requires that you be enrolled in the semester of your intended graduation. 

If you also want to walk in the upcoming Commencement ceremony, you must also order your graduation apparel (your cap & gown), no later than DATE. 

For all information related to the Commencement ceremony, go to www.louisville.edu/commencement.



Academic Resources:

Student Records

Student records are housed in CardBox. You will need to request a CardBox account, and then request access to student records for your program (or department) by contacting one of these individuals: , or . These records are maintained by CEHD's student success offices, advisors, admissions coordinators, departmental admins, and faculty. 

Program Sheets – Graduate Students

  • Official program sheet must be prepared for each student during the first semester the student is enrolled for students in MA/MS/MAT/MED programs (doctoral program sheets should be prepared by the end of the first year).
  • Current program sheets are found CardBox/Program Sheets (which requires that you have CardBox access). If you need access to the Program Sheets CardBox folder, please contact Betty Hampton or Margaret Pentecost for permission.
  • Do not prepare an official program before the student has been admitted. 
  • The faculty advisor and the graduate student must sign the program sheet and submit a digital copy of it to the following office or service account:
  • Do not change the requirements listed on the program sheet, unless there is an approved substitution. 

Catalog Year Policy 

Graduate students follow the official program sheet that is prepared for them upon admission (also listed in the catalog) which is signed by the student and the advisor. Students have the option to follow a newer program, but must follow it completely. If students decide to change programs to a newer version, they must notify the offices listed above so that an official program sheet can be added to their file and a new degree check completed (if appropriate at that time).

Additional Advising Resources

Visit the Graduate School website for additional resources on advising tips, policy reminders, and forms: https://louisville.edu/graduate/faculty-staffSome forms on the Graduate School website may require you to log-in with your Ulink credentials to complete.