CEHD Staff Association


The CEHD Staff Association’s (CEHDSA) mission is to foster an inclusive climate and a culture of care, where staff are valued, recognized, and provided opportunities for meaningful professional development as vital partners in our University’s vision to be a great place to work and in our CEHD's mission to improve life in the Commonwealth. By investing in staff development, CEHDSA, CEHD, and UofL signal their commitment to fostering a pathway of success that will allow staff to thrive in current and future positions and to bring about positive change in our community. 

Our first steps as CEHDSA are to gather more information about staff needs and interests as they relate to professional development, community building, and work-life. We will accomplish this by connecting with our Staff Senators, with staff members serving on standing CEHD committees, and by gathering data through staff climate/culture/engagement surveys and virtual office hours. Our timeline of milestones is below. In addition to these efforts, we will also disburse funding made available to the CEHDSA to support staff professional development. 

More Information

Contact us @ CEHDSA@louisville.edu