NSA Cybersecurity Workforce Certificate Program


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As technology continues to become more of an integral piece of our everyday lives, a strong cybersecurity industry and workforce are the most important protections we have to make our financial and healthcare systems secure. The University of Louisville has created a coalition of schools called "Pathways Coalition" to create a Cybersecurity Workforce Certificate program.  While the University of Louisville will be the lead school on this project, we are proud to be partnering with the following schools:

  • University of North Florida
  • University of Arkansas-Little Rock
  • Kentucky Community & Technical Colleges
  • Bluegrass Community & Technical College
  • Owensboro Community & Technical College
  • City University of Seattle

The Pathways Coalition Cybersecurity Certificate program is funded by a National Security Agency (NSA) grant. The Coalition focuses on enhancing student knowledge in the realm of cybersecurity foundational courses, while using healthcare data examples and use cases. The certificate includes basic elements of cybersecurity, cryptography, database, as well as artificial intelligence, analytics, blockchain, internet of things (IoT) and other areas related to the healthcare industry. Students will have the opportunity to earn technology industry badges/certificates (ie..IBM, Microsoft, Google) included in the certificate. Authentic Use Cases are provided by national industry partners, including the Louisville Healthcare CEO Council. This six-month instructor led online certificate utilizes applied/experiential learning modules with hands on labs.


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Grant award number: NSA Grant Number: H98230-20-1-0347

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